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Best watch

Hi folks, I'm after some advice on the best watch to buy. I currently use my phone for music and tha map my run app but I'm wanting to switch so I don't have to carry my phone. I want a watch that will do the usua stuff but will also play my music and Bluetooth to my earphones. I've had a look online but I'm not technically minded and dont really have a clue. I'm still new to this running lark (and injury prone) so don't want to spend a fortune (just in case!!) Any help or advice would be appreciated.

Many thanks


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The entry level one, but really good for running is Garmin Forerunner 10. There are loads of posts on here about it so do have a browse πŸ™‚ Imuabe the pink one. Other colours are available πŸ™‚


I went into a running shop & tried a few on. The latest Tomtom watch does all that you want & I was planning on getting it.

But! I've got a tiny wrist & it just looked like a brick on it - it's very chunky. So I bought a Garmin FR 35 instead - which doesn't have music. Interesting the guy in the shop told me they always have a waiting list for the Garmin, it flies off the shelf & they always have a surplus of the TomTom in every size & colour.

Do your research online, but until you see it on your wrist, you won't really know whether it's right for you or not. πŸ˜€

However, I would never want to be without my phone - I would want to be able to contact & be contactable in case of an emergency. I was recently injured whilst running & that was a potent reminder of the need to have a phone with me.

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Thanks for the advice. I take your point about not running without a phone but carrying it is a bind - it's in my pocket then I get hot and need to take my jacket off. Same applies if I use an armband. I guess the answer might be a bumbag and wireless headphones.

The map my run app is ok but it seems fairly limited and I'd like to see wat I'm doing as I go without needing to keep getting the phone out hence thinking about a watch

Who knew it could be so complicated?!!?

Hmmm hubby won't like it but I think a trip to the shops is in order 😜


Rather than a bumbag you can get stretchy belts - from Amazon for instance - that go under your top. Much more comfortable and less bulky. "Flipbelt" is one make but mine was a cheaper version. Mine has one zippy pocket that I put my phone in (earphones attached) and two other pockets that I put my inhaler in and sometimes my reading glasses!


The Tom-tom runner 3 looks pretty cool. I had the runner 2 with cardio and music before it got 'borrowed' by my son. It was great - actually better than my apple watch. Haven't tried a Garmin so can't compare but I do think the Tom-tom is much under-rated. You'll need bluetooth headphones if you go for the music version.


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