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First run with swanky surprise watch!


My lovely hubby knew I'd been eyeing up the Vivoactive 4S and he surprised me by buying it for me this week! Had my first run this morning, comfortable gentle 5k as I had missed my Tuesday run. Very exciting! I went for the 4S because I wanted to be able to play music and leave the phone at home....buuuuut since Garmin has been down I haven't try been able to sync it to Runkeeper so watch AND phone for today...and then I forgot to turn runkeeper off at the end. Doh! All the gear, no idea 🤣

Thanks for all the advice and happy running!

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Welcome to the strange world of the “body battery!” What a hubby... I’d definitely keep him! 🤣

Garmin connect should be syncing to everywhere that it used to... i have runs arriving to Strava before the syncing of HR and steps is complete as usual, and it’s getting to NRC quickly again.

NetCadet in reply to UnfitNoMore

He'll keep 😉 yes, what exactly does body battery mean?? Mine never seems to go up or down. Guess im just constantly half charged 🤣

UnfitNoMoreAdministrator in reply to NetCadet

It’s some kind of assessment as to how much energy you have... takes a little while to get to know you though! I spent a whole day on 5% once, so I suspect it never hits 0!

Stress (good and bad) or activity takes it down... rest and usually sleep takes it back up. Alcohol has a bigger impact than I’d imagine... it can definitely tell if I’ve had a glass of wine looking at the next morning... and the 5% day was after quite a few!

Theoretically if you run when at 100% you’ll do better, but I already faff enough with gear, timing it around life, avoiding the heat etc etc... so it’s nice to know (usually) but not everything.

NetCadet in reply to UnfitNoMore

It can tell you've been drinking??? How terrifying! Will test that theory this weekend 🤣

UnfitNoMoreAdministrator in reply to NetCadet

Yeah... apparently alcohol takes quite a bit of processing, which causes a kind of stress, so sleep isn’t as good (though it seems it) and so we aren’t recharged as much as normal. I looked at the graph and the first two hours of sleep were fairly flat before rising. That was after one glass... admittedly it was a home measure (3 to a bottle tops) 🤣


I do that all the time 😂😂 I do love my Garmin 😃 my other half bought me the vivoactive 3 music for my birthday and now that's the only thing I use to track my runs but I still carry my phone so I can use other apps. Connect has been slowly updating all of my data, it should all be back to normal soon 🤞

Great! Giving it another bash!


I’ve recently got one of those, same as you for the music, and I love it! I also got some new Bluetooth aftershokz.......fab! I previously used iPods with wires, and slowly but surely the iPods are falling over, hence the Vivoactive 4s.....

I’ve never been that into all the stats, but it’s dragging me in......slowly....😂

Enjoy! Happy running...!


NetCadet in reply to Madge50

Nice! Yes I feel like I could quickly get sucked into doing more which wouldn't be a bad thing!


Envious - I've also got my eye on the Vivoactive 4S. Currently seeing it as a potential "big birthday" present to myself in a couple of months...

NetCadet in reply to Cmoi

Oooh I definitely recommend it. I was a bit sceptical about having even more tech but today I actually looked at my phone less than normal because I could quickly see messages and think I can wait till later to reply to that one!

hahaha well you had a nice run in any case :-)

I did... right before the 33 degree heat arrived! 🥵

I stayed in at all times... might do the same tomorrow. Look forward to more watch reports!


That’s the watch I have and it’s awesome hope you enjoy yours as much

Thanks! Loving it already!

WillowandSola60minGraduate in reply to NetCadet

Check out vo2max mine was reasonable until i got sick in january then it went down and down and at one point it said my fitness age was 79 since then it’s increased slowly and now my fitness age is 60 and i’m happy with that

Mine says 20 (I'm 40) 🤣🤣 so I'm gonna take a stab and say it's not quite accurate yet. Pretty sure I'm not in the top 5% of 40 year olds...🤔

Speedy60Graduate10 in reply to NetCadet

No idea how it works. I got mine in June for my 60th birthday. It said I had a fitness age of 54, which I was pretty happy with. Since then it's gone down steadily, so now I'm apparently 22! It's all getting a bit Benjamin Button. 🤣


I got the 4s recently too!! White strap with rose gold- very pretty. I still play Spotify on my phone and am often using the Nike run app too so I need my phone anyway. I also feel I should take it just in case I need assistance😂sweaty Betty have fab leggings with a secure pocket so the phone goes in there.

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