I seem to have a lot of niggles at the moment, the latest one being headaches I get every time after I run. I have done a bit of reading online about it and there seem to be multiple causes. I do make sure I drink plenty of water on both the day before and during the day after I run so I don't know if it's that. I don't take any water or drink with me though when I run, maybe I should.

Has anyone else experienced this and got any tips?

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  • Do you live in Europe? If it has just started it could be hay fever. I get it this time, every year and it has been made worse by running because I am out side deeply breathing it in. I wake up with a headache and feel like I've drunk a massive amount with a slight sickly feeling, some others wake up streaming. But if it's just started over the last month, it is worth considering.

  • I can't remember when it started Realfoodieclub but I don't usually get hay fever and don't get the headaches on non run days :/

  • I get them sometimes after long runs but usually hydrate well before and during, so don't really have the answer I'm afraid. However, I do seem to get them much less frequently these days so maybe we adapt too? Sorry, not really much help but you are not alone!πŸ™‚

  • Thanks Sandraj39. I am thinking I need to take water with me when I go out. Maybe also because I tend to go out for longer runs quite early on in the day that maybe my system hasn't had the chance to rehydrate fully yet. I am going to take more notice of how I feel after my evening post-work runs to see if I get the headaches then too

  • Sounds like a good planπŸ™‚

  • You might be concentrating very hard, screwing up your eyes if it's bright. It could be tightening your jaw if you are tense. You could relax, get a cap with a brim. It's a start πŸ™‚ We can never be really sure but we can try various strategies to overcome niggly irritations that might spoil our enjoyment of the run. I hope you can get over it as headaches are the pits

    We were discussing bad heads on here recently, and migraines causing nausea. I ran in sunshine recently and the pattern of the railings made me feel yuk.

  • Good point @misswobble, especially now the sun is brighter. Now I think about it, yesterday I was running into the sun for most of my run and I did have to keep looking down to avoid it. I don't do well in the sun in general, sitting in it with it on my head makes me very grumpy! So I need to add a hat to my shopping list then ;)

  • I got a cheap one from Aldi and it has been just fine. A visor would be good if it's too hot for a cap, which happens sometimes πŸ˜ƒ

  • Your falling apart Lois!😁

    The colour of urine gives an indication of hydration, if properly hydrated it should be a straw colour a very light yellow, except for first thing in the morning when first get up it'll be darker with the toxin buildup over night, to clear the system as soon as get up drink a pint of water then enough throughout the day to stay hydrated, tea & coffee helps but really it should be water for hydration..

    Have a look at this link from runner's world..


  • Dave, it does sound like I am falling to bits doesn't it!!! I do drink mainly water during the day, so I'll just make sure I drink more!

  • If i run first thing i always have at least half litre water before I go out, drunken slowly as i prep to go. I also take water with me, but you need to prompt yourself to drink it as you wont necessarily feel thirsty. Just small sips and depending on length of run you may need the electrolites. Many runners will say not so for less than 10k distance but we are all different and i have found I do if running more than around 6k. Again you must drink throughout the run, not when you have already dehydrated.

    I drop half a dissolveable High5 tablet into my water. Best price Ive found is Halfords as cyclists use them. Order before you buy and they are half the online price, so Β£3.99 for twenty. I ordered whilst in the store on my phone. Also sunglasses and cap. Happy running πŸ˜ŽπŸƒπŸ»β€β™€οΈ

  • I use those high 5 zeros too and also find half a tablet is enough. Sometimes I go mad and also add half a berocca (boots fake beroccas that is) :) I got into them through cycling, they cured my calf cramps. They're good for muscles but also helping your body hold onto hydration, I feel like they make the water go further...

  • I use the cherry ones, not too intense πŸ‘πŸΌ

  • Ooh haven't tried cherry. I like the lime especially combined with mango flavoured beroccas :)

  • I had a similar problem and after some research decided to tackle it on multiple fronts. I ensure i hydrate well before, during and after the run, i keep my blood sugar up by eating before running and after (and during if it's a long one) and I use a sports drink to replenish electrolytes. Seems to help me.

    Then again a woman in my running group struggles with headaches that she puts down to holding too much tension in her shoulders as she runs. Similar to the screwed up eyes suggestion above. Could be something else to consider.

  • You are right, after advice from experienced runners on this forum i also fuel for 6k plus runs, just a couple of dates for me.

  • Thanks for all the tips everyone. Can I ask a related question? If you take food with you, where do you keep it? I know cyclists have tops with pockets in the back but I am struggling to find any with zipped pockets. The elasticated pockets that cyclists tops usually have are no good as things will probably fall out! Are there such things as runners tops with zipped pockets? Or do you wear belts with storage in?

  • I have a simple Β£5 belt from sports direct. But I've been eyeing up the ones with multiple tiny bottle holders etc :)

  • I use a simple belt from Sports direct too. I have it round my waist, my daughter wears hers much lower.

  • Interesting discussion re: hydration and refuelling. I have yet to explore these things since my distances are usually under 10k. However, in the last few k of my 13k race last Sunday, I was beginning to struggle and wondered how much this was due to my lack of experience regarding refuelling (it was quite a warm day too). Thanks everyone for your useful suggestions. :)

  • Some really useful tips and advice here :)

    I wonder, as misswobble suggests, if you are holding yourself tensely? I know that sometimes I still do this, and then I consciously, do, as Laura suggests in past podcasts, shake my arms and hands out, and relax and loosen my shoulders. ( There have been quite a few posts on this I know) :)

    I always wear a hat... in cold weather, my thermal, pulled down over my forehead, as cold on my head always gives me a headache!!! And now, better weather my cap... with its big brim! That will help eliminate glare, and keep the rain off too!


    Mine is black :)

  • I wonder whether it would be good to get your blood pressure checked. I suffered from headaches for a long time and eventually they went after I was prescribed medication for high blood pressure.

  • I have had my bp done recently and they said it was fine. If anything I have a tendency for it to be on the low side.

  • I do hope you find the answer Loisamelia.

  • Thanks Jane, me too :)

    I think the hydration is maybe something I should follow up on, as well as a hat and making sure I am not tensing up when I'm running. All sound very plausible possible causes to me

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