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Out and About With Mr R

I had thought about doing a Parkrun this morning, but when Mr R woke me with a cup of tea and enquired if I was going to the Park I realised it was too late. 8:40 am, no way could I get up, dressed and driven to the park in 20 minutes.

So that's it for today, I thought, but he's a persistent chap, Mr R, and he asked if I was going out for a run anyway. I hummed and hahed and looked out the window. After my dreadful treadmill run on Wednesday because of the rain, I thought the sunshine looked too good an opportunity to pass up.

"Maybe you could come with me on your bike..." I tentatively suggested. To my surprise he agreed, and was soon putting the bike rack on the car, while I got into my garb. And we were off to the nearby cycle track/pathway.

It was lovely run, and although I was unable to talk (I marvel at people who can run and hold a conversation at the same time) it was lovely having MR R there shooing away the gremlins. I was on week 3 of Sam Murphy (again), but enjoyed it immensely. I was delighted to see many large clumps of violets, and even some very pale (almost white) violets that I've never seen before. I was also treated to a numbering of nodding daffodils and narcissi. Going passed the sewage treatment plant had us both laughing as we childishly asked one another if we'd farted. ;-)

And then there was the joy of seeing a field of sheep, with quite a few little lambs gambling about, followed by a field of geese, who honked their approval as I sped past.

All in all with the two warm up walks and the two minute interval walks I was pleased to find we'd covered just over 10km. Mr R enjoyed his bike ride, "We should do this again," he suggested, and I think I may have got my mojo back.

yippee :-)

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Y A A A Y another MOJO returns to its rightful owner


Welcome back mojo! What a good job Mr R is doing😀

Spring! Love it. Quite envious of your run really 😉 In the nicest possible way!

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What a lovely spring run 😊


Yay! Your Mr R sounds like a perfect training companion! Well done on your 10k 😊


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