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Repeated W2 - what a difference a couple of days makes

After a less than successful run on Monday I decided to repeat the W2 run today. Looking at the schedules, they seem to break the 10% rule anyway which is probably why my legs are getting so tired, so I'm going to listen to them and take things easier if necessary. That's my excuse, and it's good enough for me.

Happily no stitch today. I thought the pace was slower, but when I mapped it, it was roughly the same speed as last Wednesday.

Am away on Friday but will take running kit with me and hope to get out at some point

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Yes, the leap from running 30 mins 3 times a week to 40 mins three times was too much for me last time I worked up to 10k. This time around I've not got a set deadline, and am working on the basis of doing different kinds of runs (mostly a long run, a short intervals session, and an imaginary run!) and gradually lengthening the long run. But horses for courses - do what works for you and listen to your body! :)


Thanks RainbowC . My 10k is in July so I've got plenty of time. Ideally I'd like to train up to running 12k comfortably. I'll re-assess after Easter but would like to add in a 4th run before the end of April - so rather than 3 longish runs a week, I'll do a long run (increasing by 10% each week); a race pace run working up to 8-9k or so, a 5k training run - mix it up between tempo; speed intervals) and a 4-5k easy recovery run.

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I like the idea of being able to run further than race distance - for the added confidence on the day. :) And I like the sound of your training plan too :)


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