Panic is setting in

I did Week 8 run 2 this morning but only ran 2.25 miles..... and next Sunday is the 5k Resolution Run for the Stroke Association. So I have to do .85 of a mile more in a week's time. Can I get that far with just three or maybe four more practice runs?

I'm not as fast as I was pre-stroke, but did average of

12:49 min/mi this morning according to my Garmin thingie.

And how do I manage the 5 min warm up walk on an organised run? Will the walk from where I park the car count for that?

Any suggestions and tips would be great....

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  • I've managed to post this on Bridge to 10K !!!! I have no idea how! Brain must be addled from this morning's run.....

  • Can I ask, where are you doing your 'Resolution Run' ?


  • Worthing Seafront - nice and flat, but probably windy!!! Are you there too?

  • We're , that's Curlygurly2 , AncientMum , and me, doing the Cambridge one, I tell you we'd have you with us all going round together! Well, we could do it virtually couldn't we, hopefully think of each other going round πŸ€—

    And you are fine, don't worry about speed, it doesn't matter, you're doing a great thing for a great cause, if you're not feeling confident about running the whole thing then I'd do the 5 minute warm up as part of it, Curly's probably going to do run/walk anyway.

    If you do it, we'll do it too, how's that? πŸ˜‰

    We'll all be nervous together πŸ˜„


  • Thank you, that makes me feel much more confident. I hadn't realised I could do the warm up as part of the run. I'll be with you in spirit although several hundred miles apart. X. Good luck - and I'll report how I get on. And straight after am going for a birthday lunch as I shall be sixty one by then!!!!!

    This forum is great!

  • Save us a bit of cake....and I for one wouldn't say no to some birthday bubbles, what a great way to celebrate your birthday, and've done amazingly well, you should be very proud of yourself, although no tears allowed until afterwards - and then only happy ones....πŸ˜‰

    And we will want photos and a run's the rule you know......πŸ˜‰


  • Thank you - Am in a mixed state - half of me is very proud and smug that i have recovered enough to run again, and the other half is still angry that I had the blasted stroke!!!!

    The funny thing is that my leg is a bit dodgy, so when I'm tiring i keep kicking my ankle, so there I am running along saying damn, blast, ouch etc..... One day i should video myself.

    Will definitely update next week xx

  • Ive posted a response on your C25k post, enjoy your race πŸ˜ƒπŸ‘πŸΌ

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