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W1 R3 - Stepping up to 10K and an eventful run in the Park

In January I was a returning runner, but this time I decided to train sensibly rather than follow my usual home-grown doomed-to-wear-me-out plan, so it was very fortunate I came across the C25K plan and podcasts. Having completed W9R3 last week and posted all my ups and downs along the way, I've been persuaded to continue posting here - and as I've just committed to a 10k in July it's officially my next goal.

Today was my third run since graduating C25K - I'm calling it W1R3 although I'm not sure how long it'll take.

On Fridays I run with my daughter so it's a good chit-chat pace, and is now known officially as our long run day. Today she wanted to do 4 miles, so route planned we set off on the understanding I could take the walking breaks. My calves were still grumbling from Wednesday's run when about 15 minutes in we realised on the footpath below us was a chap collapsed and lying rather awkwardly, part on the grass and part on the path. He looked asleep? drunk? unconscious? worse? Neither of us had phones, so we had to stop passers by - two who had phones but said they'd get first aiders from the local sports centre and then walked slowly in the opposite direction, and then a couple with a pushchair. Shockingly, countless others passed by, looking, then looking away and continuing their journey. Fortunately a golf buggy came into a view - they carry park workers around - so I flagged it down. I think they thought I was trying to cadge a lift as they tried to detour round me but I (probably rather stupidly) ran in front of them forcing them to stop! Anyway, they called the sports centre and two St John Ambulance first aiders arrived a few minutes later so we were able to leave him in capable hands.

20 minutes later, and having forgotten all about walking breaks, we were back to where we found the collapsed man - he and the St Johns Ambulance and the buggy and park personnel were still there, presumably waiting for an ambulance. At least he was covered in warm blankets. I hope he's all right.

Next run Monday, hopefully no drama, but I'll have my phone with me in future.

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Oh my word! I hope he was all right. Shame on folk for ignoring him. There but for the grace of God .... Thank goodness you were there 🙂

I am pleased that where I live that people are great at such times 😀

Good luck with your next run 😀


Well done on taking the right action for that poor guy!

Yes a phone is not only great for tracking route, distance, pace etc.,,,,,,,,,but is actually brilliant as a phone! Particularly in an emergency👍🏼 I also have an emergency phone number written down in my belt pocket.....just in case 😮


Ooh, good idea about the emergency phone number for when I'm running on my own!


Gosh that was an eventful run. Good job you were there and let's hope he's ok. That seems a long time for an ambulance to arrive. Nothing like on tv when they arrive in seconds!


Hopefully the fact that the ambulance did take so long means his vital signs were all stable. Do hope he's okay though.


Whats happened to us as a society that you would look away when someone is in need of assistance. Well done for the action you took. You may have saved a life


Gosh..poor chap! Glad he got help and that you did not get run over by the buggy!

Good luck for your next run !


Well done you for stopping and ensuring he was ok. My son is type 1 diabetic and one of many things that worry me is people ignoring him if he's had a hypo assuming that he's a teen that's drunk too much. Symptoms can often be confused, we just have to hope that there will always be kind, caring individuals like you who will bother to stop and ask.

Good luck for your 10k. I followed the same plan you are following C25k and onto 10 and my first race is three weeks.....can't wait 😉


Wowsers SlowSlowKwikKwikSlow that was an eventful run - hope the guy is now ok! You probably ran those 20 minutes without even thinking about them. Good luck on your next outing...xx


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