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Since moving from 3 to 4 runs a week, ai have been slowly increasing my total weekly distances. Week 1 - 23 km (7,6,5,5); Week 2 - 25 km (5,5,5,10) and this week so far 19 (6,6,7) and planning a 10km plod tomorrow. Getting good rest on non running days. Keeps life interesting!! How do you keep setting new goals? Maybe a cross country tomorrow for a change and run in the light!!

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  • It's amazing how much flexibility for mixing stuff up four runs give, isn't it? Your doing great. An easy way to set goals is to sign up for a race - sorta forces you to keep improving towards a target.

  • Thanks Tomas, that is a great idea for other people but for me, running is all about being alone LOL. Not keen on "races" or running groups

  • I run 4x a week if I can, but haven't quite got up to your mileage. I try to do 2x 5k and one shorter, fast interval run (between 2.5 and 3.5) during the week and a longer run at the weekend. Running 4x a week means there are usually two days where I run in a row, so I try to do the shorter run and a 5k on those days. Now that spring is here it's getting a little easier.

  • That is a great way to mix it up, to introduce a shorter, faster run. I think I will plan that into next week to see if I could push up speed. Maybe a faster 3, ordinary 6 x 3 and a slow 10! Sounds like a plan ๐Ÿ˜€

  • It seems to work for me. Stops me getting bored. I look forward to my interval run because it's shorter and gives me those few extra minutes for getting ready for work. It's just as tiring though. Towards the end I'm yearning for those minutes to be over!

  • Sounds like you are enjoying your running joolie.I agree with Tomas, I do like a goal but also it's good to get out just for the joy of being out sometimes, with no pressure! Recently my runs have been guided by training for my first HM which is next week. I have a couple of other runs on my radar but will just see how things go. Am quite keen to work on my trail running as there are lots of beautiful hilly trails local to me that I am not quite up to yet, including a trail HM which I hope to be confident enough to do next year! I have also done my weekday runs in the dark during the winter and am now enjoying the lighter evenings which will allow me back on my trails during the week too. Happy running!โ˜บ

  • So true, the darkness does force us to keep in town but my head torch has been fantastic this winter, allowing me to stay on my feet in dark alleys! Went out on a trail today, so much fun (and sloshy mud)! Most of my C25K was done on grass, happy memories

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