Trail running debut must wait!

Having pledged to try going "off-road" it seems that it was a kiss of doom for my aspirations to leap across hedges and stiles (ok, that might be a BIT of an exaggeration). Firstly, a tentative 300 metre shortcut across my target course just proved my Adidas running shoes didn't have enough tread to save me from slipping all over the place, then they put lambing ewes in the field which is an integral part of "Tractormans Trail Test" and today it's forecast thunder and lightning - so running through an avenue of ancient oak trees might not be the smartest idea.

So, for those who can remember the Canned Heat song, "I'm on the road again"!

I'll get there - one day! :-)

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  • Kind of amusing in view of your screen name... but it does seem stacked against you right now.

  • Life is full of paradoxes! BUT, I managed a PB today over 40 mins on tarmac so perhaps the delay was meant to be!

  • Ha ha! I run to that song! I love it! Going up country too πŸ˜€

    Yup, sounds like you were thwarted at every turn! Oh well, don't be downhearted, you will do it. Soon I hope. Nothing like hitting the trail. You get a better workout, you can feel it as you run. You have to use your arms and upper body much more, and you can feel your abs engage as you tackle slopes and steeper bits. Proper fun πŸ˜€

  • I love running across the fields and through the woods but the dark mornings and early evening darkness has spoilt it. I notice when I run on grass that it really works my whole leg so I slow down and if I need to stop "to take a photo" or to admire the view, I think it is allowed when off roading

  • Still waiting! Still road running. At least I've just bought some waterproof trail shoes - and by the looks of the paths after the rain this week, I'm going to need them!

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