Goals for 2016?

Goals for 2016?

Wondering what your goals might be for 2016? Someone said they set a total number of kms for the year which I thought was great - I only graduated from C25K 13 weeks ago and have only run a 10 km once, so thinking a weekly goal of 20 kms (1040 in 2016)! As so far I have only run parkrun 4 times, volunteered twice, I would like to run 12 times and volunteer 5 times next year. If I did that, it would be totally amazing. How about you?? How do you set goals? Julie 😀

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  • I've got a Google Doc with the title Goals for 2016... here are the highlights:

    Do some parkruns! (1st one is 2nd Jan, Leamington... hopefully plenty more to follow through the year)

    Keep running 3 times a week.

    Run for 10k continuously - should manage this before too long

    Run Stratford Big 10k in under 60 minutes. (It's in Sept so plenty of time to achieve this one)

    Run 5k in under 25 mins. Might take quite some time as my PB is at 27:28 at the moment.

    Eat less chocolate, biscuits and sweets... by far the hardest of all my goals!

    Lose another 10kg. I lost 5kg between mid-Sept and Christmas so I'm hopeful for this one. It'll get me down to 12st which seems like a reasonable weight for a 5'8" bloke.

  • 10k, hopefully early in 2016.

    Continuing to run every other day.


  • I have now been running for almost a year and I feel I still have a lot of stamina and core strengthening to develop so I am keeping goals modest (and hopefully achievable): keep running three times per week, cover 500 miles in 2016, continue with yoga, reduce intake of sweets, lose two kilos. Wrote it down now so it needs to happen! Good luck to all of us, illnesses and injuries stay away from us!

  • I've set a goal of 500 miles in the year.

    I also want to achieve a 35 min 5K (or to be honest anything below 36 mins)

    I have other things I want to achieve too but I just haven't quite formalised them in my own wee mind yet but it involves trail running, increasing distances etc.

    Good luck with whatever goals you set and remember you're only competing against yourself. You're the one that matters! :-)

  • Trail running should definitely be in there, fun times. I have found my speed is improving by itself but not sure I will ever get below 34 minutes, my fastest ever. Still thin running 5k is a major achievement whatever the time, especially if fitness is something new!!

  • If I get anything below 36 mins I will be doing cartwheels (If I have the energy!). I can't see me getting anything below that but if I'm honest I'll be delighted with that - even if it takes me until this time next year to get there.

  • Still find 5km challenging so just doing it is an achievement every time, keep up the excellent running

  • Hi Noaky12, my partner in running 500 miles in 2016! We will do it, won't we? :-)

  • We absolutely will ViaM!!! I have faith in us both :-) :-)

  • I started a goal of 1000 km in Septemeber as I will be 50 next Septemeber so I am doing 1000km to 50. I am doing that swimming, cycling, walking and running. I have promised myself that this year I will work on my core and strength. With the help of the push yourself forum. New year next week new start.

  • Great goals, and achievable too. I don't usually set a numerical target but I do set goals for 5k and 10k etc, and key races... This will be my 3rd year of running so I'm still very much a beginner!!!

  • My goals for 2016:

    1) To race at least once per month

    2) To earn my 50 parkrun T-shirt

    3) To achieve a 75% WAVA rating in at least one event

    4) To run at least a 5K in every country I visit over the course of the year

    5) To run at least 3 times a week

    6) To have fun

  • Ooh. Those are good goals. I already implement #4 and #6 but I like the race once a month. I've already signed up for a race series next year, I'll have to see if I can find some see races to round out the other months. Thanks!

  • My RC set a 500 mile challenge every year, so this is my challenge. Plus a sub 25 min 5k a sub 55 min 10k.

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