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I have enjoyed the idea of running 4 times a week, one more day 😊 A week. I ran on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday and just couldn't run 4km, it is a silly number, so I did 5 each time but pretty steady in terms of speed. Felt it in my calves yesterday so no exercise of any kind today. Trying to squeeze a 10k in on Saturday now. So far pretty good. The one thing I struggle with is slowing down, I seem to have a 7.30 mins per km speed that I naturally fall into, I know it isn't fast but if I could slow down, think it will help the transition. How do I slow down, sounds easy but it's not?? 25 km per week sounds ok, what sort of weekly distances do you manage to do?

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  • I'm only running 3 times a week, and at the beginning of 5 -10k bridge, so can't help. Just wanted to agree that 4 is a silly number.

  • I think the three times a week routine running is essential to allow our legs to recover - I graduated about a year ago now and tried to go straight onto a 10k programme after graduation but my legs were not ready for it. I just settled into 3 x 30 minutes and let my legs settle. One good run day, I kept going and did a 5k in 43 minutes. After that, I just ran 3 times a week and a nice steady 5k each time. I have crept up now to 10k once a week and 2 x 5. Just now want to keep my distances the same but run more days to see how it feels. Totally resting on non running days

  • If I didn't wear a running GPS watch, I would really have any idea of what pace I am doing!!. If I am trying to run slowly I will try to maintain a 4-4 breathing pattern - breath in for 4 steps and out for 4 steps - this does tend to come out at between 7:30 and 8:00 mins per K pace for me - once I get to 3-3 pattern it can be anywhere from 6:00 to 7:15 mins per k - depending on what energy I am expending. 2-2 pattern is around 5:00 to 5:30 pace for me and I can't do it for very long - maybe 1klm

    Tomorrow at parkrun, it will be VERY hot - so I am intending to run to each 1 klm mark at 7:00 per k ( using my watch GPS average pace facility) and then walk for one minute, before repeating again until I finish.

  • I've been running four times a week since October and find it suits my weekly rhythm to mix three runs in during Mon-Thur and always keep Fri and Sun free as recovery for the long run on Saturday.

    Recently I've started to do five times a week. That forces me to do three consecutive runs on Tues-Weds-Thur and I'm finding that might be a bit too much for my level of fitness. So I might go back to four.

    As for weekly distances, I'm training for a marathon so tend to have a lot of mileage. over the last month I've averaged just over 50 km and intend to get up to between 70 and 80 by late April.

  • Wow, that is totally awesome! So much running fun. I would like more time but I guess we make time to do what we want to do. If I want to run and I have work, I will get up at stupid o clock and run in the dark! My goal is to run further, not necessarily for an event. Running 10k is reasonable now, I will settle into my 4 times a week routine and then can let my distances grow. Keep it up, that is an inspiration to me

  • I also run 4 times a week (Mon, Tue, Thur, Sat) I seem to have settled into a regular 6k route during the week and Parkrun on Sat. I'll look to increase distance once the weather and daylight start to improve. My pace is almost always around 6.30 per km (+/- 10 secs). I think 3 runs per week was an excellent starting point for previously unused muscles but we have to listen to our body's and push them when we know its right.

  • That is fantastic, well done, you show a real commitment to running and I like the steady running routine you have set up. I'm hoping my new idea will work out well. So far, 3 x 5k, rest day today. Tomorrow it is a 10k, my legs feel a little tender but I will take it nice and slow and run on softer ground for extra comfort

  • Update on my experiment....was planning 3 x 4 and a 10 but did 4 x 5 because missing a rest day did cause my toffee legs to be a little stiff. Happy with that, will do 3 x 5 and a 6 next week and grow it from there. Feel I need to take notice of my legs to avoid injury, feeling good today so all being well, will have good results. Strange that a small change can still cause issues

  • Why don't you try a shorter run (3k) with intervals on Tuesdays? Either the speed podcast or a 10-20-30 run (which is really 30-20-10).

  • Thank you for the suggestion. However, I am a stubborn old thing. I hate intervals with a passion and speed building too! However, I do hear the idea and I hope I can do 4 x 5 this week and I know I can introduce intervals if needed. But I will be plodding as always. I have a good set of sturdy legs but I have limits and they were not built for speed. Have you had success building your speed?

  • At the moment I'm on the RC (recovery couch), so haven't actually been out for ages but I think they help with speed.

    However, I like doing intervals because they are short and sweet. I'd recommend them just for the change as much as anything because I don't gave many options for different routes, so running them in a different way makes it less "samey". I don't think they are just good for speed building, but also getting your heart rate up which helps your overall fitness.

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