Flat footed running

Flat footed running

Up early so I could run before work, 5 am so feel like a dedicated athlete LOL! The ground was a little frosty and slippery so I ran so that more of my foot hit the ground for stability and my headtorch was shining brightly too. I still almost managed to trip over a paving slabs that was sticking up, very thankful I stayed upright! Going for 3 x5 and a 6 this week, so running again tomorrow. Brrrrr, it was very cold out there - as you can see, I was well wrapped up though!

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  • Blimey..look at you! You make me feel a bit of a wimp...!

    I have freezing fog here, and discretion, with me, got the better part of valour... I was afraid of falling or waking up the Lurgy cough monster which has finally, I think skulked off! ( My excuse is, I am older than you and frailer :))

    You look great! I love your photos.. they make me smile.. you always just look so full of joy at the idea of running.. a great advert for the benefits of this wonderful thing we do!

    I can image you, in your warm running gear, snugged up. running through the darkness, little torch shining out in the winter morning... wonderful!

    Thanks for this and have a good day x :)


    I shall be on my cross-trainer later though.. :)

  • PPS.. Glad you managed not to fall over that slab!!!! Eeek!

  • That's dedication for you! I took an hour brisk walk with the dog and it was freezing still at 0900! Saw a few runners out and I had running envy as I sit here wondering if I should go out or if I should rest a little longer til Thursday.......Enjoy your running!

  • I prefer frost to rain. There is some bad weather on the way and I need to run in the morning, let's see how clever I am tomorrow!

  • You will be out there.. :)

  • 5 am? I didn't know there was such a time as 5 am! I'm always asleep then. You are a dedicated athlete right enough... :)

  • No choice as I'm working so daytime running is not an option. Didn't drag myself through C25K to go back to being a lazy old woman! Feel fit n healthy!

  • well done Joolie! it was REALLY cold out there today, i'm impressed with you at that hr too! :)

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