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IT is VERY hot and humid right now where I live - on Tuesday morning around 5AM, I set out to run 6Klms at 7:00 mins perK using 90sec/30sec run/walk intervals. That 42 minutes had me soaking wet at the end!! So this morning, I thought I would do something different. Because I feel that I have been struggling with the Singapore-like weather, I planned on doing a shorter run with a bit of a warmup followed by 3x 1klm non-stop repeats at a pace faster than my absolute 5K PB average pace - with sufficient rest inbetween each repeat. It was a challenging workout and I finished up running faster during each repeat that I had planned to and the average of those three repeats was 5:30 mins per k-- which would equate (if I had sufficient stamina to do so) to a 5K of 27:30. It was a good hard workout - more so because of the weather - and I think I will do this once per week from now on. I have kind of done this before - but only 400 metre repeats with lesser time rest inbetween. The 1Klm's felt more of a challenge.

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  • Very impressive pace Bazza, especially in those temperatures! Well done. It was freezing when I ran today - kept my beanie hat on all the way, which is pretty unusual for me!

  • That sounds like a hardcore workout bazza. I'm impressed. And in such weather, you really seem to give it everything you've got.

  • That's a great speed in any temperature, Bazza, and impressive that you were running faster in each repeat - well done! As you know I was whinging about intervals elsewhere this week, but they are good for us and this proves it. Good idea to do this regularly.

  • Goodness Bazza. Hate to say this but don't overdo it!!! I saw people running round a circuit in Singapore and have no idea how they did it, I was having trouble walking in the humidity. Well done.

  • Great run, Bazza! I love the way you adapt your workouts. Inspirational :)

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