It rained...for 8 miles it rained!💦

I increased my midweek short runs this week and did another 8 miler this morning. Such a wet day here but I really enjoyed this run and felt good at the end. Still a little behind where I would like to be for my March HM, but slowly getting there. Also, the first time I have dug out my running cap to wear in the rain, and what a difference that made, shielding some of my face from the rain at least! The bridleways were very muddy with lots puddles to splash through. Back on the roads, I included a couple of decent inclines so I felt quite challenged at times! Next week I would really like to manage 10 miles but we will see! Hope everyone enjoys their running week.😀


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28 Replies

  • Well done Sandra ! Oh yes the rain, it lashed it down all day here today too . I was flippin hot though, I had to take my jacket off !

    Good Luck on your 10 miler ! :-) xxx

  • Hey poppypug

    Hope u are well


  • Hi Gra

    Yep, Im okay thanks, feeling a lot better after my run yesterday . Hope all's well with you :-) xxx

  • Yes am well ta

    Plodding on

    Glad u ok


  • Thankyou xxx

  • My pleasure popps


  • Thanks Poppy! Yes, I think it was cooler down south here today! Hope you are ok? xx

  • Sounds like you've picked right up again Sandra! you're right on track :) I need to get back to it!

    I've not done well this week, only 1 x 7km run on Tuesday, been a bit of a strange week. Poor old fig pig got put to sleep on Friday and i didn't fancy parkrun Saturday, not in the mood for rushing around :(

    But new week coming up, and a 5 mile muddy cross country hosted by ryde harriers next Sunday, so that'll be fun . And treated myself to Reflective run jacket at Aldi in sale, only £9.99 so will try that on club night on Tues :)

  • So sorry to hear about dear little Fig, Ali. I know you were worried about him. And it's ok to take your foot off the pedal occasionally too - I know you will soon be back out there gathering more bling! Good luck with that muddy 5 miler next weekend. You will be fab, I bet! 🙂 x

  • Hi Sandra

    Well done to you

    As you saw on my post I wimped out this morning cos of the rain!!



  • You ran, Gra and that's what matters most! 🙂

  • I did Sandra I did

    Was in the gym today and did a session on the treadmill


  • Blimey... well done you... so wet here today.. I did not venture out.

    I am full of respect for you getting out there...mud and puddles though.. it does sound tempting! :)

    Brilliant! :)

  • It was either bite the bullet and run in the rain or miss my long run glad I ran!🙂

  • Wow. Long time to be running in the rain. Nicely done.

  • It was ok, I think because I was kitted out in my water resistant jacket and had the running cap on! Luckily it wasn't windy which I think can be pretty miserable.

  • Well done! Hats off to you - oh... er... no! :D I am trying to toughen up about running in the rain and although I have been out in a little bit of bad weather, there's no way I could do a whole long run in it! I admire your fortitude. I do have a cap though but I have never worn it and that sounds like it made a good difference for you, so I might try that when I next have to - yuck! :D You are doing well with your distance and I'm sure you will be on track for your 10 miler :)

  • I had never worn a cap in the rain either, usually come back like a drowned rat! 8 miles with rain dripping into my eyes was not inviting, so I dug out the cap and now don't know why I haven't used it before! I did several 10 mile runs in October last year but had a break from runnning in December, due to lurgies. Have a HM in March which I am hoping to be ready for, but we will see. 🙂

  • I don't mind drizzle but full on rain isn't really my thing. Very impressed Sandra.

  • A cap makes it bearable. Mine was £4.99 from Aldi. With a light in the brim 😀 My Aldi run jacket hood fits over the cap if it's windy.

    Sorry to hear about Fig! Take care Ali 🙂 Your new run jacket will be a boon. Enjoy your race 😀

  • Oo! A light in the brim - that sounds handy! I have one of those Kalenji chest lights for my dark runs, which is brilliant!🙂

  • Sounds like a great run, and great spirit. Well done you!

  • I try!😀

  • Well done - sounds like you are doing fine. There is something quite satisfying about running in the rain and getting soaked through - I think it's like being a kid again and not being bothered about what it's doing to your hair!!!

  • Totally agree!

  • Well done!!

  • Thanks Ju-ju!🙂

  • Wow, fantastic progress you are doing so well!

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