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Trail shoes and off I go!

Trail shoes and off I go!

I have been a town runner lately, due to working and dark nights and mornings with the use of my headtorch, I have been having urban adventures. But today, I decided to rediscover running in the woods and fields. It was a misty morning but trail shoes were raring to go. Planning a 10k run today as I have more time on Saturdays. Nice and ploddy at around 8 mins per km which made it totally enjoyable! Lots of friendly dogs along the way. My running fun has changed a lot over the last year but great to rediscover places where I used to run and unbelievable how my stamina has improved - up hills and able to keep going for longer (still needed an afternoon power nap to recharge my batteries)!

Reward, a full English without bread for breakfast!

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Sounds kind of run...:) Maybe not that far right now... I am walking so many miles with small sproglet baby...but a wonderful run :)

Loving the photo too, a tad mysterious, with the lane stretching into the mist.. :) Go you x


Oohhhh, look at that lovely, like, like,like.....lucky you! 👍🏃‍♀️


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