Bridge to 10K

It wasn't so huge after all....Week 5 Run 3

Firstly let me apologise for being on the wrong thread B 2 10K instead of c25K - I don't know how that happened and I will hop skip and jump over to my rightful place (if I can!) ( At my age one gets confused) after this post.

Secondly thank you to all who responded to my previous post. I took all your comments on board, and davelinks, followed your example and drove to a lovely place 20 mins away - Dorney Rowing Lake (where the London Rowing Olympics were held). There is a wonderful tarmac track (5k) which surrounds the lake, but even better, parallel to it, a wonderful hard sandy level path - rather like running along an English country lane, trees and lovely vistas along the way.

Well, we did it, my hubby and me, puffed our way to our 20 min goal without having to walk at all - we were very red faced towards the end, and I was willing it to end...but I was triumphant and now, back at home am feeling very smug. I had your words of comfort in my ear keep it slow - you can do it......well I jolly well did. We took 20mins running to do 3k.

Now for week 6...... I will hopefully post on this thread again once I am a fully fledged 5k'er

Thank you all.

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Well done! Not that long to go now, so keep it going!

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Well done FBS, that is a huge step.

Just be careful with week 6. By consensus, it is the toughest week of the program and many find runs 1 and 2 to be harder than run 3 - go figure!

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Ouch!!! There I was thinking 5:3 was hard! Thanks for your support.


Yeah! Well done you. Great news. 😀 Another one who has learnt to trust the programme, it just works

I remember being really surprised that I could do wk 5r3, I couldn't stop smiling for ages. I was totally bowled over that I really did it.

Remember wk6 r1&2 are much more mental than physical. They are stamina building & good prep for future training

You can do them (you've already done them!) but they just throw a curve ball into your thinking. Be ready for that - send it on its way & before you know it, you'll be celebrating wk6r3 & a very special affirmation. 😉

(Don't worry about posting in the wrong forum - it's easy to get mixed up.)


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