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What to call it?

What title to give my post? Do I start with: My name is Net68 and I am addicted? Or: Forgive me as it has been a long time since my last post?

We know when we are addicted when we still count how long since our last run in days! I went 22 days without running, although I did go up Snowdon! So this morning after a very lazy Christmas Day I went out. The weather is mild so thought a short run around the block would blow cobwebs away. How right I was! It wasn't pretty but so glad I went out.

I set my target for 2016 at 653.4km which I reached way back in mid August! I managed to keep my Parktrun time under 40 minutes since April except to two, 40:02 and 40:25 so not too shabby which wasn't quite my 2016 target but I will take that. Didn't reach my other target of continuous running :( so that carries over to next year :)

Happy running 👟

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From one addict to another - I ran today for the first time in weeks due to illness. So good to be out there isn't it? (and I don't think my run was too pretty either!!) Here's to many happy runs in 2017🙂


Haha you're in the right place for addicted runners 🤗 It's a new year starting and all that but it feels good to end a year running too doesn't it?


What a great addiction to have. I ran parkrun on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day and missed running today 😳

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