My week😔

Has been tough to say the least. I try to stick to running 'talk' on here and have definately found light amongst the gloom by stealing a few moments of normality on here over the last few days. Two close family bereavements in less than a week has sort of floored me (one of which was my dear mother). I have however continued to run and yesterday did my long run, which was delayed from the weekend. Didn't really know if my body was up for it, so thought I would just head on out and see how it went. Funny how we need to run sometimes and despite feeling emotionally exhausted this ol' body just kept going and ran that long run and ran it well.

Just wanted to urge others to treasure those runs and use that time to show yourself how strong you are and what you are capable of. I am not the worlds strongest person emotionally (by a long way!) but I felt like a fighter when I got back from my 10k yesterday and that was just what I needed to feel. And that is what running can do for you. x


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  • I am so, so sorry to hear this Sandra. I'm glad you have your running to help keep you going. Hugs xxx

  • Thank you Laura.

  • Oh Sandra (((( )))) I am so so sorry for your loss ....

    My deepest sympathies to you and I am glad you found some solace and peace of mind with your running

    Massive hugs to you (((( )))) xxx

  • Thanks poppyx

  • Sandra, I'm so sorry to hear of the loss of two of your loved ones. I glad that the running has given you strength. I imagine that they are both there with you on your runs x

  • Thanks Sarah.

  • I am  so sorry for your loss Sandra.  Losing one's precious mum is just gut-wrenching.  You will have lots of things to do, which you will sort of go through the motions and do, but running  - when you can - will help you grab a bit of time to make way for you in all this.  When you are running, and alone with your thoughts, you will find your mum ☺

    Take care of yourself Sandra x

  • Thanks for those lovely words - so true.

  • Oh, Sandra, I'm so sorry. Sending you big healing hugs, if I may. I agree that running is real salvation at times like that - that, and this forum. Listen to your instinct, and run as far and as long as it tells you to. 

  • Thank you. Rest assured, I will run whenever I can.

  • Sorry to hear your sad news Sandra. I'm glad you can find the space you need through running. Take care and be kind to yourself. X

  • Thanks.x

  • So sorry for your loss.  I'm glad getting out for your run has helped you cope.  Big hugs and remember to treat yourself with a lot of tlc at this time.  

  • Thanks realfoodie.x

  • So sorry to hear you have suffered two losses in such a quick time Sandra. You are doing amazingly to have the strength of character to get out there and do a 10k,  i'm full of admiration for you. Glad that you have gained solace from a bit of "me" time to gather yourself. Mums are very special, i'm sure your mum would have been very proud of you and will be with you always on your runs. Take care and big hugs, ((( ))) love Ali x

  • It has been tough, Ali. Both my Mum and my husband's father in the space of 6 days. Life deals some cruel blows sometimes doesn't it? Running is helping though - as it stepping away from it all and sharing a moment on here.x

  • My condolences to you Sandra - that sounds really tough to take. I really like the message of your post as well.

    Take care


  • Thank you John. I am sure lots of us get strength and self-belief from our running. We are lucky for that.

  • I am so very sorry to hear about your week, Sandra. Someone I know suffered two close losses in the same week last month too, life is cruel sometimes. I can't imagine how it must feel. I hope your running gives you some comfort, hugs xxxxx

  • Thanks Sarahx

  • Sorry to hear that Sandra.  Chin up.  You've got friends here :)

  • I'm so sorry for your loss; words are never enough but am thinking of you x

  • So sorry to hear of your sad news, thoughts and prayers are with you x 

  • Oh Sandra, that is awful. Losing your mum and your father-in-law too. Life can be incredibly hard sometimes. It is so hard losing your mum, I know. Thank goodness you took up running when you did since it helps you at this difficult time.

  • I'm so sorry for both your losses, Sandra, but especially your mother.  It must be such a difficult time for your whole family right now.  I'm glad you were able to get out and run.  There's a peace in running, somehow - when you're alone with your thoughts and you can just run.  Well done for that 10k.  You are a fighter and you are strong - you just proved it.  Take care of yourself x

  • Thanksx

  • So sorry to hear of your two sad sad losses, Sandra. Be gentle with yourself, and do whatever you need to to get through this difficult time. x

  • So sorry I missed this post!

    Sending love and comfort to you. I know exactly how you feel. I felt the same way when my lovely little Mum died. :)

    I wish I had, had running took a long time to release my grief, even though she was 95...!

    You are strong and clearly a fighter.You have proved that to yourself :)

    Treasure your memories, and take them on your runs..hold the love...not the lossx

  • Thanks Oldfloss. Mum was 87, so a good age but grief is a horrible thing. Running helps.x

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