Great weather for running!

Well, where I am anyway! what's it been like round your way? After the early mist cleared the sun came out, anyway it was mild enough to still wear shorts and long sleeved top with compression base liner, calf sleeves give some cover without having to go to trousers yet, but don't think the cold is too far away according to long range weather forecast, but we'll worry about that when it comes..

As I started to warm up nicely in the sunshine with the peak of my cap shielding my face from the glare, I got about 4k travelled downhill & on the flat before I started to go uphill and tried to maintain my pace by pumping my arms more, of which I could keep up for a short time before slowing down to a more comfortable speed so I didn't burn out and have to walk. I got to 5k and beyond running from the roads of fine houses and into three halfpenny wood which felt good with the change of surface to loose gravel and trails covered with golden leaves some being pinky in colour going into Autumn, but was careful to pick my way through them not knowing what lie beneath, pot holes or surface tree roots! The sun glinting through the trees I could see clearly up the trail and into the lane thus exiting out of the woods and moved back down Spout hill road slowing down near to fast walk as not keen on going full pelt downhill which was about 6.5k run as I got to the bottom of the hill kept to a fast cool down walk, but as I went further I decided what with the lovely weather, to carry-on fast walking all the way home, giving just over 8k total travelled, an excellent work out!😊

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  • What a beautiful run... :)

    Sunshine, colour and the freedom to run and run. A super post. thank you x

  • Good stuff davelinks. As this is my first year of running, it's interesting experiencing the changing seasons. I'm loving autumn. My recent holiday in Majorca was lovely with sunshine etc but it was very hot for running. Perthshire autumn is turning out to be just the ticket for running in. Yesterday morning there was very gentle rain during some of my run - you know the kind that refreshes rather than soaks you. I felt I was actually BREATHING IN autumn, if that doesn't sound too silly. It was so lovely. I ended up running 10.6km, which is the furthest I've ever run. Happy days. :)

  • Lovely post Dave. I love Autumn too 😊

  • A lovely 8k run/walk combo Dave. Sounded like you really enjoyed it.😊

    Could imagine you out there from your description too..thanks for sharing your run.

    Hope Slinky is doing well and healing nicely.x

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