2 successes today

Went to Aldi today (normally we go to Lidl as it's closer) as hubby claimed they always have sun-cream and we need to stock up for our holiday in Zambia. And they had some running gear left over, which I happily added to our shopping basket. I was very surprised at the checkout when the amount I handed over seemed ridiculously low. A quick check back home showed that 3 items didn't appear on the receipt. So I got the equivalent of my new running tights and shirt pretty much for free. God knows how that happened.

On the running front I was feeling a bit down. I had a cold last weekend and decided to concentrate on getting well and scrapped the running. I don't know how you all manage to run with a cold, all I want to do is sleep and rest to shake it off. Well it went relatively quickly, but I felt no motivation to get up early and go running or even do my usual walks. An extra 3/4 hour in bed suddenly seemed very important. And I found that depressing. That a 4 day cold could throw me off course so much. I ran on Thursday (in Berlin) slowly and very enjoyably. My breathing was fine, but I was obviously more tired than I thought because I tripped over nothing on a bridge over the River Spree and landed flat on my face. Both knees grazed and bruised, and my left elbow. I let out a loud expletive, tried not to think of all the cars going past (maybe Angela Merkel or Putin was in one of them?) and pretended my nose-dive was deliberate.

So today I was not feeling confident. Sore knees made my legs feel heavy and sluggish. But I haven't had a good run in 10 days and what frightened me most was that it didn't really bother me. My body wasn't crying out for a run. Only my brain was saying "if you stop now it'll be a long slow slide back to the couch. Get out there". So I did, another run on the Bridge to 10k programme. Boy, was it tough. I'll be stiff tomorrow. But I did it, run 2 of week 4, 3x18 mins of running with a minute of walking between the runs. And next week there'll be no more sleeping longer. I want to get back on course.

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  • Wow, I wasn't expecting to see that at the end of your post. Great stuff Jaysee..you are way ahead of me now. Thats 54 mins..brilliant.๐Ÿ˜Š

  • Be gentle with yourself, Sweetie. Sometimes a cold takes more out of you than you think. A fall suggests that you weren't picking your feet up as well as usual and that suggests that you're still tired. Don't force it. Why not have a week of gentle, short runs to ease yourself back in. Your customary enthusiasm will return with your fitness. Good luck :)

  • You're right - but I am so scared of just losing it (it's happened before, although I was never as "into it" as I am now). Things just drift away - but I won't let them this time!

  • Well done for getting out there when you're not feeling good.

    Zambia - had one of my best but roughest travelling holidays there. We were in the back of an ex-army truck and bush camping. Loved it.

  • Zambia sounds like a very interesting destination. Wish I was going.

    Fabulous that you got out there today, but try not to be too hard on yourself when you are still recovering from a nasty cold. Get well :-)

  • Gosh.. what a game of two halves... hope you heal soon! You did brilliantly and got out and hammered that run!

    Back on track and looking good :)

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