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Last week I asked for some advice on here The concensus was to do two shorter runs and perhaps a longer one each week. So I followed that advice and earlier in the wek I ran just under 5k at my fastest pace and on Saturday morning I ran a very slow 10k. I had set myself the challenge of completing 10k by the end of the year so well ahead of schedule on that one. I will drop back the distance now, continue with 3 runs a week and work on improving my pace and losing weight.

This forum is a great supportive place. But by writing out my goals in public is a good way of maintaining focus on them. Thanks to all.

Happy runnings.

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  • Yay! Well done you! You need to ask for your 10K badge now!

  • Brilliant.. huge congratulations... well done ! :)

    I am a year on and still haven't got there yet ..:)

  • Congratulations on both the fastest 5k and your first 10k. It is like we are in exactly the same spot.

  • Well done on the 10k Nightingale and on your running commitment. I agree posting on here is helpful and incredibly supportive.😊

  • Well done. It is very sensible to run longer distances more slowly to avoid injury (and enjoy it)! Another way to increase distance is to run the usual distance, say 5k and then another 5k run-walk. This worked for me when I built up distance after an injury. I keep my run-walk simple - run for 100 double paces (I count each 10 on a finger to keep track) and then the same with walking. If I feel strong, might do more running, less walking or a slightly faster running pace because I know my rest is coming. I managed a 6k run plus a 6k run walk on Saturday with my legs still feeling great!

  • That's something I might try. Thanks.

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