Anyone else like running in the rain?

My second steady 5 miler this week and apart from a slightly irritating achillies I was pleased with the run and with my time as it is quite hilly where I live, (50mins 16secs for 5.3 miles @ a pace of 9.29/ml). Got a little damp after a couple of miles but how refreshing it felt, is running in rain pleasant or am I strange? Happy running all! 😎

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  • Good run again Frank - and another vote here for running in the rain!☺

  • Thanks Sandra, hope your training going well? 😎

  • Yes thanks Frank. I want to do one more 10 mile run before the day and then taper but not sure how long to taper for?? Which would be best - 10 mile this w/e or leave it until next w/e and maybe run an 8 mile this w/e?

  • Personally I would leave the 10 until next w/e to give your legs a chance to recover from your previous long run, then taper off for the last week before the event. The route is almost completely flat and the atmosphere with take you round no problem, the last mile can be hard if the wind is blowing so it's best to save a little for the final straight. My last taper week was 2x30 min runs and 1x15 min with a day's rest in between, or I can send you a copy of my final 3 weeks training plan. Hope this helps. 😎

  • Thanks Frank, that makes sense. I don't know! me, using terms like 'tapering'! I'll be thinking I'm a "runner" next!πŸ˜‰

  • No worries Sandra, and as for a runner as soon as you started c25k you became one of the nutty brigade but what fun it is eh! 😎

  • Yes. I like running in the rain. I run along the north bank of the Loire. Runners, cyclists, walkers and dog walkers share the path. When it rains I have the path almost to myself, with just a few runners :) In the summer I love the rain, it cools me down :)

    I guess we don't get a lot of rain here so maybe I'd be less pleased to see it if I lived in the UK where there seems to often be quite a lot of it :)

  • Lucky you, you in a lovely place! I find the rain very refreshing and helps with me keep cool with my run. I live almost as far central South as you can get, we do get rain but not quite as much as other counties but I don't mind it, it's better than when it's icy! 😎

  • Running in the rain : training, therapy and shower all in one ;)

    Love it :)

  • You can't knock it can you! 😎

  • It can be hard to decide to set out in the rain but once in it, it's great.

  • I glad other runners like it too! 😎

  • I honestly think it is a bit a case of 'no bad running weather only bad kit'. I am not so good in hot weather - but I've had some great runs when it's been roasting when I've been wearing the right things (shock horror, bare calves, bare arms... and a buff round my head to keep the sweat out of my eyes) and have (unusually for me) carried water.

  • I totally agree with you on that, the worst part with rain for me is that my feet get soaked but I have read you can buy water proof socks. As for the rest of my kit is a top & shorts and I usually have bare calves all year round. I does sound like I'm crazy! πŸ˜†

  • Oh the best runs are where you get wet up to your calves!

  • Or splashed by a car going through a puddle!

  • Ugh no. But it would be mildly terrifying if a car were to pass me on any of my runs!

  • Are you a trail runner?

  • Absolutely - as in, I'll run on anything that isn't tarmac or paving (although I certainly will run on a gritstone edge) I won't run more than a few times consecutively even on trails, too hard for my body.

  • I wish I could run more trails but I also like to run from my house and not drive to a trail. Have a nice weekend!

  • There's a lot to be said for that (although I am very precious about my joints) I do live on a very steep hill which is something of a disincentive to going from the house, in addition to the tarmac. In fact the only time I've ever done it is when there was too much snow to get the car out.

    I often combine my runs with other trips... which means stealth running outfit - strip off the outer layer to reveal the inner runner, and having a very light packaway backpack that I can use to carry valuables so I don't leave them in the car.

  • I love running in the rain. Even starting out in a downpour. I don't seem to get back any wetter than normal (it's either rain or sweat) and rain keeps me cool. πŸ˜‚πŸ‘

  • I know the feeling well! 😎

  • Rain for me all the way!

  • Me too! 😎

  • Yes - I love it too! But in NW Scotland the rain is often horizontal!! This week I ran in very strong winds and driving rain - but it was fun. Not sure if it will be so good in the winter though.

  • I know, icy rain can hurt the face when the wind is blowing. 😎

  • I love it too Frank ! As long as I've got my cap on to keep the rain off my specs , I'm fine ! :-)

    Nice run there Frank , hope that Achilles behaves itself ! :-) xxx

  • Yes great isn't it, we're a nutty lot aren't we, but as long as we have a smile on our faces things can't be bad. What great hobby this is, I belong to 3 forums now and read so many lovely posts it's a wonder I have time to do anything else. You must be extremely busy now being an administrator? The achillies has been sore for a while, just building slowly at the mo, get the next two events out of the way and I shall rest it up for a bit. 😎 xxx

  • I know what you mean Frank , this forum is just a great place to spend time and it's great handing out the graduate badges - that's my favourite part. We've got a fantastic team here and long may it continue:-) xxx

  • I don't do "running in the rain" !! :) - at least not voluntarily!! Doesn't matter much anyway - because it hardly ever rains here. When it does , it is cause for comment - such as, this morning I said to my wife " did you hear the rain last night?" :)

  • In England we have no option, it tends to rain no matter what season were in. 😊

  • Days like today when it was warm AND raining are utter bliss !

  • Splashing in the puddles. Love it

  • Love it but like Pops I either need wipers or a cap to keep my specs clear. Mind you they end up steaming up with the heat from my cheeks anyway. Lol.

    I also like a wet sploshy muddy run. I was always a mucky child. I may be regressing........ πŸ˜†

  • I leave my specs off when I run, but like you mine steams up when putting them on when I get back. I was also a mucky child and my wife would probably say I still am! πŸ˜†

  • I can't see without my specs. I once tried it whilst running along our docks and mistook a big lifebelt holder & plastic bag for a man in orange overalls and his dog........... πŸ™ˆ I did wonder why he was standing so still....

  • Oh dear, good job you never stopped for a chat or ask directionsπŸ˜†, I'm ok with the surrounding area but reading signs is beyound me. Best of luck for your run! 😎

  • Thanks Frank x

  • I love rain running too! I've been known to change my running plans to slip an extra one in when it's raining. Earlier this year I ran past Le Bistro, waving my arms in the air yelling "rain! Rain! "Raaaaiiiinnn!" to my American friends! Tomorrow's forecast is for rain...hoooray!

  • You rebel, sounds like there's no holding you back when rain is around. Bet you can't wait to get back to rainy England. Have a lovely weekend! 😎

  • It's raining this morning, I'm going out in a minute even though it will be my third day on the trot - don't tell Kat, she tells me off!

  • Im just getting ready for Parkrun and it's chucking it down. I think a change of clothes will be needed this morning. My lips are sealed! πŸ˜†

  • Ooh lucky you! Enjoy!

  • I don't like starting out in the rain but on a long run, a refreshing sprinkle is cool and I do enjoy it. Makes me feel like a serious runner when I come home soaked too and my husband feels sorry for me! I am sure we will soon get used to cold mornings and rainy days over the winter. My glasses steam up though which isn't so helpful πŸ˜€

  • I know the problem with steamed up specs, especially when I walk into a warm house after a run. You say it makes you feel like a serious runner, but you are a serious runner, you've done great! Keep up the good work and have a lovely weekend. 😎

  • I quite enjoy the rain when I am running also!

  • Yes I find it quite refreshing and the wet clothes come off soon as your back home so no worries there. Enjoy your running Mat.

  • Ha ha, I got soaked the other day and had a real struggle to get my top off. It's quite tight but stretchy at the same time, and I pulled and pulled and the suddenly it gave and twanged and knocked everything of the bathroom shelf!

  • ha ha, no curses then! 😱

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