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Wow..Im a distance runner! Who knew😀

So so happy. Just completed Wk 3 R1 of Sammi Bridge 2 10k... and clocked up 4.8 miles (7.725km) and I feel great.😊

Sorry..but I feel a run report is in order. This morning I saw that Tortoisegirl and Tess had both graduated c25k and I had told them I would be running today too..

So with them in mind and their success I set off with my new running shoes laced loosely and a corn plaster on the ball of my left foot. I crossed over the main road and walked along the flat for my warm up then turned and ran when prompted to give myself that extra bit of course I would need today. Started counting 1,2,3,4 and got a nice slow even pace. I felt quite comfortable running up the quiet residential road with pretty houses on one side only and fitted in an extra loop on the first 17 min up a little side track and back. Felt good during my walk break, had a little sip of water then off again. I tried to imagine that this was the start of my run again, just 17 mins, took it slowly and steady. The music was great Howard Jones popped up then Yazoo, I like this section of the run I have to cross two roads at a roundabout but usually skip through like today without stopping then along the pavement past the garage to the slight downhill bit that swings away from the road and passes next to some woodland. Back on to the path and across another couple of roads, waving and smiling thank you at cars if they stop for me then along to the bottom of 'the hill that can't be run up' and guess what ....perfect timing.. just as I get there Sammi says to walk. Thanks I will.😊 I stopped the podcast while I walked up the hill then restarted just at the top. (A little longer than 1 minute there.. but hey, it was a steep hill) then cross over and back to running again. No problems starting again, this is my favourite bit of the run, slightly downhill all the way back or flat.😊Into the agricultural college and yes, past the llamas and goats (bit smelly today boys) still feeling great. Again, it feels like just starting a run I know I've done many times before. I feel the most relaxed I've ever been running and thats when I thought 'hey I can do this distance thing'. I have been trying to add just tiny increases onto a 30 min non stop run unsuccessfully for ages ....all I needed was permission to walk for 1 minute, and I feel like I could go on and on.

Run down the college drive after my little extra loop of the car park. The man picking up litter smiles and waves and I wave back. I feel brilliant..I've got this. Just as I reach the gates at the entrance to the college 'you're done' says Sammi. Again perfect timing, now I can walk along and back across the main road and home. I notice that I'm not breathing heavily, not putting my hands on mt hips and puffing my cheeks but have recovered almost instantly. 3 x 17 mins done. I was out for 1 hour 14mins . I remembered Tortoisegirl and Tess and thought yes..this must be how you are feeling today.. its a shame you can't bottle that feeling, but you know its there to be found. Sorry anout the excited ramble, but I know you get it.😊

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Well done! Brilliant run - sounds as if you've got it cracked. We're level now, but you sound more relaxed than me😎

I'm doing a couple of shorter runs before I try again, partly because of time constraints, but mostly for fun!

Happy running!

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Thanks jaysee. 😊 You too.x


Yeay!! Go you. x


Well done Jan. Sounds like a lovely run! Isn't it wonderful when it all comes together?

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