7km done

In training for The Croydon 10k on Oct 9th, pleased today with 7k constant running distance although a tad slow, I felt as I got over 5 and up and over 6 I wanted to open the taps, so did fartlek, seems to take me a while to get into gear, but really not too bothered about time as long as I can make the distance, so feeling confident. Will be doing an easy Parkrun on Saturday then practising on the actual 10k course on Saturday with the running group😊

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  • Well done Dave, it all seems to be going nicely :-) xxx

  • Well done Dave, sounds as though the training is going well! Keep it up🙂!

  • Sounds like you've got it all planned

  • Can't beat a good plan, have a goal, so determined to get there, but you know running, it can have it's ups & downs, have to keep positive what with Slinky's medical condition...😊

  • Well done Dave, you're doing great. Take it steady mate! 😎

  • Thanks Frank, am running with the group in the morning training on the 10k course, will try for 8k😊

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