Slowing down boosted my performance 😀

Slowing down boosted my performance 😀

I have had several months of calf pains, not being able to just run and introducing run-walking. Happily, no injury couch and maintained three X 5k runs per week but disappointed as I had been doing longer runs, usually 10k a few months ago. I even ducked out of my half marathon because I knew it wasn't going to be possible.

Went out this week on Wednesday and decided I was going to run slowly, aiming at about 8 mins per km (I have been running at 7)! I enjoyed all of my run, even went to the local park and ran twice round the lake before running home! A 10km, something I thought was in the past. Reason is I slowed right down, kept telling myself to run slower, no pain, relaxed and fun. Going to try that again tomorrow.


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6 Replies

  • That's great news! That's the way to do it! Find what works for you...

  • Sounds like you have found your "niko niko" place!!!

  • Great job JoolieB1 glad you enjoyed it, it sounded like a fantastic run. Really pleased for you :-)

  • Sounds good! Let's hope you're rid of that pesky calf pain. Have you ever tried compression sleeves/socks either after or during a run? Some peopke have posted that they helped.

  • I have considered it but my brain tells me if I wore them, I would be relying on them and it would weaken my muscles! That's just me

  • Excellent, and well done on your persistence and perseverance in maintaining your running, it's tough but so worth it... It's really good to run slowly and it does mean you can go for longer etc...

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