10k runs take longer to recover


I've run 10k twice now, 2nd one in 68mins 18 seconds which I thought was a good time for a 45 yr old still carrying a few extra pounds. However, I did find it took longer to recover from and I'm not sure I'd like to run a longer distance. Most of my runs are around 7k which I find comfortable. I always run on my own accept for the 'race for life' but I'm thinking of taking part in my local park run next Saturday but know that I will feel awkward!

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  • Well done to you. 10K is a fair old distance so don't forget to ask for your badge here as you've earned it!

    Running is suppose to be fun so if you want to run 7K's then just do it. It's a very respectable distance 😊

    I'm not sure why you'd feel awkward doing a parkrun. You can run for 10K so you will be great! Just run and enjoy yourself. I bet you will!

  • Thanks for your kind response, I will give the park run a go!

  • Well done !

    Yes , definitely try parkrun, its great ! I was very nervous on my first one but then after that I was perfectly fine, so please don't worry :-)

    Well done on your 10k , that is a really good time, I would be very pleased with that :-) xxx

  • Thank you.

  • Well done on getting to 10k. It is my favourite distance, simply because it can be done without any special preparation or having to think about refuelling or rehydration and doesn't leave me wiped out and unable to do anything else for the rest of the day. It does, as you say, require more rest time, so building it into a programme requires some extra thought. I nearly always have a two day rest after a 10k+ run, but you will surprise yourself if you do it regularly, how quickly you get used to it. I personally still wouldn't do a 10k before work though.

  • Thanks, I'm sure I will do more 10k runs. The two that I have done haven't really been planned, I've just felt good during a run and decided to keep going!

  • And there is for me , a BIG difference between a 10K run and a 10K race - more than 10 minutes !!!!! A training run is not a race - but a race is!! :)

  • Hi I agree with the earlier posts if you can run 10k you will really enjoy Parkrun, it's an amazing really inclusive community !

  • Thanks for your support I've printed out my barcodes so no excuse for next Saturday!

  • Jwill you will have a good time! Parkrun is for everyone. You will find all sorts of folks there. Old, young, fat, thin, big and little, folks who walk and those who fly, all jogging along (or walking) happily together. I have just joined a new group that has started near me. You don't know anyone when you pitch up but no matter, you'll be fine. You can stop for a cuppa and a bacon sarni or something afterwards. I volunteered on my second week, and that's a good way to get to know people

    Good luck! I'm sure you'll have a wonderful time.

  • Thanks for that. I just feel a bit awkward meeting up with people I don't know but I will give the park run a go on Saturday, it will be only the 2nd time I have run with other people!

  • I feel much the same as you, I can, and do, run 10Ks and sometimes further, but 7K is about my favourite. You might find a longer distance just sort of creeps up on you one while you weren't looking!

  • Very true the 2 10ks I have done were spur of the moment when I just felt that I could keep going!

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