Graduate Badge

Graduate Badge

Last night I dug out my c25k Graduate badge which was hiding in the drawer for the past 18 month's or so. I thought I'd give it an airing and take it to Parkrun today, it isn't a realistic option for a running top as its a little heavy and wobbles about when moving, making it uncomfortable! I think it's place belongs on my running cap. Very pleased with my run today completing the course with Parkrun chip timing of 26.16 at a pace of 8.27/mile, I finished 61 out of 151 runners and what pleased me most I came 2nd in my age group, not bad for a dodery old chap. Have a great weekend all. 😎

RFC; I seem to have lost the graduate badge next to my name, am I on the naughty step again 😱. Could you check it out for me please. 😎

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  • Go Frank! Every one a winner for you at the moment! Amazing time!☺

  • Thanks Sandra, it was perfect for a run this morning, sunshine with a cool breeze! And a great bunch of runners. 😎

  • It was lovely here in Surrey too. I went out just after 7.00am for a solo 5k! No where near your time, mind you - 29.01.Plenty of room for improvement but it felt good all the same!☺

  • That's a great time Sandra, have done a Parkrun at all? I find them great fun and supportive, and also met lots of runners to chat to. 😎

  • Only one, a few months ago now, and I did enjoy itπŸ™‚ During term time I tend to do my longer runs at the weekend but life is more flexible at the moment so I really should do a few! In fact I was talking of going again a couple of days ago! I got my 5K PB at Parkrun so I ought to go! My two (usually non- sporty) sons are on Week 6 of C25K (hooray!) and I've suggested we all do Parkrun when they graduate!πŸ˜€πŸƒπŸ»

  • Sounds like you have a couple of converts on board, all of you together at Parkrun, maybe a little competition creeping in here! 😎

  • You found it then Frank? That's a mega time, even for someone much younger than us, you should be very proud!

    The grad badge only shows in the C25K forum (if I'm not mistaken), you need to ask admin for your 10K badge for this group. There's JuJu's forum too, the marathon one, that has it's own badge too. xx

  • Thanks Sarah, I did enjoy the run today. Enjoy the rest of your weekend. xx

  • Well done for today Frank, excellent effort !

    I recognize that T Shirt !- Happy Days :-) xxx

  • Thanks Chris, I reckon you got one just like it, we must be a matching pair! Have a great weekend, and don't mislay them car keys this week!! 😎 xxx

  • Ha ha ! I will try not to, Frank ! :-) xxx

  • Well done Frank! great parkrun time and proudly wearing that badge too! i gotta shirt like that tooooooooooooooooooooooo! :)


    why does the close up of the background fabric remind me of slug trails???!!!

  • Thanks Ali, great shirts and the c25k crew wear them best eh! Ha ha, it does look a bit of a slug trail! 😎

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