I am enjoying the HR training

that I am doing from this little book howtobefit.com/Polar-Precis... Just got home from a 40 minute workout feeling "PUMPED" :)

Roy Benson has three quite simple plans - which increase in both volume and intensity. One of his favourite workouts (and becoming mine) are heart rate based fartleks. I have gone back to square one after all my HM training during this year - so I have started at Level 1 to help me regain my non-stop running endurance. I am intending to get to 3&1/2 hours per week volume before I move onto Level 2. The only "workout" as such in this first is a HR based fartlek where you run until your heart reaches 75% of your working heart rate commonly known as HEART RATE RESERVE (HRR) and then either walk or jog until it goes back down to 60%. At the top end of this Level 1, you do 10 minutes of conversational easy running ( that gets me to my local running track) and then 1-2 miles of fartlek ( followed by an easy 10 minutes run home) . The next level gets a lot harder with 2-3 miles of fartlek up to 85% of HRR - it also introduces some steady state running. The final level goes onto doing intervals at 95-100% of maximum heart rate - so I probably won't do those :) I leave 95-100% of max HR to the short last 50 metres at parkrun :)

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  • Not fully read up on HR training but was wondering how to go about it. I've got a Wahoo tickr HR monitor and the mobile app that tracks my HR during a workout and its divided into 5 HR zones much like the booklet. So is it a case of running to these zones and if your HR creeps past you back off your effort to reduce HR and recover for a period of time then increase effort?

  • I also have a Wahoo Tickr - which I used to couple to my Android phone using the RUNKEEPER App. The only reason I stopped using it and bought a Garmin watch is that the phone manufacturer issued an operating system update which "broke" the Bluetoth 4LE capability of the phone - and hence I could no longer couple the Tickr to the Phone and App :( I was also a little unhappy with the Apps treatment of HR data - I had used RUNKEEPER for a couple of years as a GPS tracker and pace manager, using its' audio feature to aurally call out my average pace as I ran. You can also use it to call out your average HR as well every minute or so - but I really wanted the facility whereby it would sound an alarm if you moved outside of a set range of HR numbers or a set Zone.

    Yes - you basically do the same thing that you do if you are running a workout at a certain pace. If the HR goes too high, you slow down and if it is too slow you speed up :) The Wahoo App does have a "field test" facility here at bottom of page au.wahoofitness.com/burnbur... whereby the App attempts to determine your true max and min HR's and set your Zones correctly. ON this page they also have 6 running programmes that work on their simplified system of "burn" and "Burst" training. It IS a little technical - but HR training attempts to overcome the main weakness of self trained amateur runners - and that is that they/we generally run too hard for most of their runs - and then don't run hard enough for the 1-2 runs of the week that they should be running hard.

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