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I am enjoying the HR training

that I am doing from this little book Just got home from a 40 minute workout feeling "PUMPED" :)

Roy Benson has three quite simple plans - which increase in both volume and intensity. One of his favourite workouts (and becoming mine) are heart rate based fartleks. I have gone back to square one after all my HM training during this year - so I have started at Level 1 to help me regain my non-stop running endurance. I am intending to get to 3&1/2 hours per week volume before I move onto Level 2. The only "workout" as such in this first is a HR based fartlek where you run until your heart reaches 75% of your working heart rate commonly known as HEART RATE RESERVE (HRR) and then either walk or jog until it goes back down to 60%. At the top end of this Level 1, you do 10 minutes of conversational easy running ( that gets me to my local running track) and then 1-2 miles of fartlek ( followed by an easy 10 minutes run home) . The next level gets a lot harder with 2-3 miles of fartlek up to 85% of HRR - it also introduces some steady state running. The final level goes onto doing intervals at 95-100% of maximum heart rate - so I probably won't do those :) I leave 95-100% of max HR to the short last 50 metres at parkrun :)

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Not fully read up on HR training but was wondering how to go about it. I've got a Wahoo tickr HR monitor and the mobile app that tracks my HR during a workout and its divided into 5 HR zones much like the booklet. So is it a case of running to these zones and if your HR creeps past you back off your effort to reduce HR and recover for a period of time then increase effort?


I also have a Wahoo Tickr - which I used to couple to my Android phone using the RUNKEEPER App. The only reason I stopped using it and bought a Garmin watch is that the phone manufacturer issued an operating system update which "broke" the Bluetoth 4LE capability of the phone - and hence I could no longer couple the Tickr to the Phone and App :( I was also a little unhappy with the Apps treatment of HR data - I had used RUNKEEPER for a couple of years as a GPS tracker and pace manager, using its' audio feature to aurally call out my average pace as I ran. You can also use it to call out your average HR as well every minute or so - but I really wanted the facility whereby it would sound an alarm if you moved outside of a set range of HR numbers or a set Zone.

Yes - you basically do the same thing that you do if you are running a workout at a certain pace. If the HR goes too high, you slow down and if it is too slow you speed up :) The Wahoo App does have a "field test" facility here at bottom of page whereby the App attempts to determine your true max and min HR's and set your Zones correctly. ON this page they also have 6 running programmes that work on their simplified system of "burn" and "Burst" training. It IS a little technical - but HR training attempts to overcome the main weakness of self trained amateur runners - and that is that they/we generally run too hard for most of their runs - and then don't run hard enough for the 1-2 runs of the week that they should be running hard.


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