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So excited!!!!!

Now that I have "gone back to the future" and am doing almost nothing but easy conversational HR controlled runs, I really need something to listen to as I go along. I have never been able to run to music for various reasons , I have tried listening to audiobooks ( but you have to concentrate on the story else, if like me you zone out just a little, you find that you haven't got a clue how the story has proceeded over the past 30 minutes :) ) , I have tried listening to all kinds of podcasts - but find most of them boring and constantly want to wind the participant up and and tell them to stop laughing at their own weak jokes!! :( ---

But now, purely accidently, I have discovered a treasure trove of old radio shows on Youtube - from the 30's through to the 50's . This is what we all used to listen to before TV came along :) I have downloaded a number of Bob Hope, Milton Berle, Abbott and Costello comedy half hours into my phone.. I can hardly wait until tomorrow to listen to one while parkrunning :)

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It worked!!! Some light amusing entertainment for the boring bits of my run on Sunday :)


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