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I have a goal to build slowly to 10k. This morning I managed to run4 miles my longest distance yet. It included some hills and I felt OK towards the end. I even managed to sprint a little faster to my finishing point hearing Laura's voice in my ear saying 'finish strongly- you can do it' ! Really proud of myself for not feeling absolutely knackered. Is it enough to do this once a week and try to build up in a few weeks time? I've heard something about 10% is that per week or per month?

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  • 10% a week. It's important to progress with caution while paying attention to diet, hydration and strength training. To go further demands more of your body so cross training is required. Walking, cycling, swimming, gym or strength sessions at home, Zumba etc, are all grist to the mill and will help you achieve your goals. I use Jillian Michaels dvd's which include a bit of everything strength wise, weights, pilates, plyo metrics, yoga etc ☺

    Going from 5 to 10k is good fun so enjoy yourself 😊 I got stuck a bit around 7k but you just keep chipping away at it, bit by bit, till you've cracked it

  • Really good point about the strength training. V important.💪

  • Lots of us bridged from 5 to 10k by running two short (5k) runs and one longer run a week. The 10% rule is not to increase your weekly total by more than 10% a week. Good luck!☺

  • Thanks both. You lot on here are inspirational!

  • Haha! Some are, but my own running has been far from 'inspirational' recently due to a hip niggle and feeling exhausted! However, it was much less humid today and I actually had the best run I've had in a few weeks today🙂! Good luck with building that distance up. 10k is a great distance to run.

  • Wish I felt inspired....mostly feel just a contented plodster! :)

  • I agree with our misswobble .. take it steady and up the exercises too. Like miss w I am using different things, yoga a Pilates session, cycling, walking and generally a lot of gardening!

    It is great fun...you have a goal.. I just plod on and see where I end up! :) For me 7 K was the magic number,,,, and now, without trying am stuck at 9 K ish...:) But every run is different...:)

    Enjoy this journey it is amazing!

  • Yes thanks for that. I do yoga and have started Zumba gold. Both of which I love. We also bike and walk when we can - weather permitting! The good thing about the running and everything else is I feel fitter now than I did when I was in my 30 's and 40's. I encourage everyone I speak to to try it bit most look at me as if I'm mad at my age!

  • It's a fab thing to do at any age 😊 I see a very old guy out running most times when i'm out. He always races too! Keeping mobile into old age is everything.

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