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Taking a week off!!


I have run a hard ( for me) HM and a hard (for me) 10K over the past 3 weekends. I am intending to start to follow a HR training plan for a couple of months - which does a lot of easy running only - with a bit of HR based fartlekking :) I was going to start this week - but have decided that I am quite tired - so have now decided to take a complete week off doing nothing at all!! :) Not even any "cross training" .

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Enjoy your well earned, well deserved rest Bazza..

No harm in taking a break and chilling out for a week or so :-) xxx


Have you thought up your own HR plan or got one off the internet. I think Garmin or Strava do some HR plans.

Bazza1234Graduate10 in reply to Hidden

Yes - there are many HR based plans. The ones that I will be following are by a coach called Roy Benson.

Sounds like a well earned break - enjoy! It's way too hot to run anyway , I went out early yesterday morning.... not early enough though and completely melted!


Good plan, very very sensible... :)

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