Totally wiped out

Totally wiped out

I went out for a run today and per the 5k to 10k bridge program today's run was supposed to be a 20 minute steady run. I decided to try to increase my speed again and I managed this for the first 800 m (0.5 miles). After that I ran completely out of energy and only ended up running about 10 to 15 minutes total. Needless to say, I was miffed. So I went back inside and rested for two hours or so then I went back and tried it again (slower this time). I completed the run and at least I know I got a decent work out. I guess I'm just not quite at the fitness level I need to be in order to maintain that speed yet. I'll keep plugging at it. It also occurred to me that I had a really long work week last week and that I'm only five days into a low-carb diet. That might have contributed somewhat. 😉

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  • You weren't defeated! Well done, I have been low carb for over 18 months now , it might take you a little while to adjust so that certainly could have been a factor, the good news is you'll find you have more energy once your body gets used to it! And the usual mantra on here, take it slowly, but you worked that out yourself !

  • Yes, thank you! I'll keep at it. I suspect I may be "bonking" just a bit on the low carb. I look forward to seeing how I do when I adjust 😊

  • If you are aiming to increase distance, its not ab lout speed? If you do want to I suggest the Speed podcast?? Well done, sounds like you are doing well.

  • I watch my weight but enjoy carbs. I think they are useful for runners ☺

  • Oh I love my carbs too. They just tend to...stick. I'm just trying to drop a few pounds that's all.

  • Call me crazy, but I'm aiming to increase both distance AND speed. I'll keep the speed podcast in mind. Thank you!

  • I would suggest a combo during the week then of interval session, a 5k and then a run that gets longer ( must not be fast). Listen to your body though as it sounds like it's tired.... I read an article that suggested a 3 week cycle with one week doing much less as a recovery week. It makes a lot of sense so I do it on a 4 week basis.

  • Thanks for the suggestion! That sounds reasonable. I'll just have to monkey around and see what works best.

  • At your stage of training/fitness - speed or distance -- pick any one!!!! :) As the main aim of B210K is to get you running non-stop for 60 minutes, a 20 minute run is not far into that 10K programme - therefore you shouldn't be even thinking about speed at this time. Slowlee slowlee, catcheee monkey!!!

  • Hi Bazza, I should mention that I can already run over 40 minutes. It's actually my training program that is suggesting the interval work (for the most part). I may just need to dial back on the extra intervals I was doing 😉. I think you're right though. Maybe I came at this a bit fast.

  • The problem may also lie in your interpretation of the word "intervals" . For example, most training programmes for beginners use "intervals" as the foundation of the training. Intervals here are simply shorter slowish running intervals with walking/resting intervals in between. The idea is to be eventually able to join all the running segments together.

    BUT - more advanced running programmes use "intervals" in a different way - these are similar to the run/walk segments of beginner programmes, but done at a specific pace - that is faster than our 5K PB pace.

    I would suggest that the intervals your are referring to in your programme are the former type :)

  • Thank you Bazza!

  • Well done for getting back out there! A sign of the mental strength you have built.

  • Awww, thanks!

  • You are trying to do a lot in one go. I know it's tempting (I'm guilty of it too). But all good advice above. Also maybe going straight off at a speedy pace is too much. I usually need time to ease into it, even after my warm up, and it can take 20-30 mins before my body is ready to do business. So you could speed up after say the first km? Running low carb is fine but again if your body isn't used to it can be difficult at first. Running low carb means your body taps into your fat reserves, of which there is usually a greater store than the carb store, but again if not used to doing it can make it feel difficult.

  • I like the idea of speeding up after a km. That's a great idea. Yes, I am trying to do a lot at once. Maybe I should primarily focus on distance again (with speed as a side project).

  • How do you know you were out of energy? OK you felt knackered.But I was having a similar problem, I upped my water intake, and was better. Now I've started using my HR monitor again and managed to keep it in the moderate workout zone and at times up to the max hr for the zone for over 30 mins. The brain does tend to try & trick us into thinking we are out of energy and we're truly tells us otherwise..😊

  • I'll definitely have to try hydrating more. That was part of the problem. Thanks!

  • Davelinks - are you using any specific HR training programme. After my HM of this past weekend, I am intending (after I recover :) ) to go back to HR training and particularly to regain my ability to run continuously (after using Galloway type run/walk training for the HM) . There are a number of different programmes in Garmin - some race distance based - some just "fitness" based. I am intending to run solely based on HR and time on feet - and forget about pace/distance as much as I can

  • Bazza, no specific plan, just the garmin zone3 moderate workout. I've started on hrm again to make sure I'm not taking it too easy. Been Finding brain tries to trick me into feeling I'm out of energy when I'm not, according to hr...

    I suppose the way to combat this so I don't have to use hrm, is to go by breathing rate, something I still need to get the hang of.. when to speed up and when to back off..which hopefully will keep me in the zone..

  • Well done for getting back out there RFB, you didn't give up and for that you should be applauded !

    That is such a beautiful photo, it looks like lots of bees in the flowers at first glance doesn't it ? Gorgeous :-) xxx

  • Aww thanks Poppy! No worries, I'll keep going back out there! P.S. I saw those pansies just after they were watered, I loved the water on them.

  • I think when you are pushing very hard the fuelling has to be right or you will just fold. It's not as simple as just doing low carb. Carbs come in many forms so don't stint on the good ones which are found in veggies, nuts etc, not just white bread and pasta. I have 70g of porridge every day and plenty of carb rich fruit and veg.

  • No worries. I'm doing low carb, not no carb. I had a nice salad for lunch yesterday. Agreed though that I may not be adjusted yet. I'll see how it goes tonight.

  • Salad with protein I hope 😊

  • Not that time, but I do love nuts. Had a handful of pecans today. Yum!

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