Hayling Billy 5

Hayling Billy 5

It was the first time I had run in the Hayling Billy 5 last night and what a great event it turned out to be. It was very well organised by Victory AC and well supported by runners and clubs from all over, entries to the event was fully subscribed which added to the atmosphere. There was so many faces I recognised from parkrun it was great to have a chat before and after the race.

The route was along the Western Coastal trail of the old Hayling Billy railway line, we had it all, a bit of countryside lined with trees and coastal views across Langstone harbour and weather perfect for a run. The trail was fairly flat which made it a place to possibly get a PB if you felt inclined? At the start line, it was sectioned into estimated time slots from the speedy to not so speedy but as what happens the runners soon get into their rhythm and find their natural position and the group start to stretch out. Along the route there was plenty of support and encouragement given and several people taking photos.

I was very pleased with my run covering the 5 mile route in 42:07 with a pace of 8:25 per mile, but then I got talking to a runner in his 70's who completed the run in 35 mins how good is that, still this 64 year old has time to catch up! Bit more training for me needed I think, or maybe stay as I am, yeah that sounds more like it. πŸ€” all in all it was a great evening and event and I will definitely enter again next year, all credit got to go to the organisers. No bling but a great tee shirt. Happy running all. 😎

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  • Blimey that's fast Frank so a big well done. It does sound a lovely race and you clearly enjoyed it. That's super fast for the 70 year old. Yikes!

  • Thanks IP, I've only got one speed really, wind me up and away I go. But the 70 year what can you say and what a funny fella he was, it was great talking to him. 😎

  • What was his secret? Haha!

  • I don't know, but whatever he's eating I want some! 😊

  • Me too Frank!

  • Great time. I did the Westminster Mile last year and was quite pleased with my time until an 80 yr old ran quicker - mind you he was an ex-Olympian. You'd have beat me by a long way too!!

  • Thanks, but I'm sure you'd give me a run for my money. 😎

  • Great stuff Frank !

    Looks an absolutely gorgeous place to run too ! I can see you were your usual speedy self again !

    You are off like a whippet !

    Well done and Im really glad you enjoyed it xxx

  • It was very enjoyable Chris and I loved every minute for me though the people made it, it was such a great atmosphere. I was pleased with my time but it was flat. 😊 xxx

    Keep up your training, I just know your going to crack it. xxx

  • No really - you had nearly 2 minute on me. Be proud.

  • That sounds lovely Frank, well done you on a speedy run!I like local races, Paul and I have entered brading 10k on 26th June 😊 i did it last year so aiming to knock down my time a bit if I can πŸ˜†

  • Hi Ali, thanks it was a great event. Good luck to you and Paul for the Brading run, is Boz doing it? I sure you will get a good time but will keep my fingers crossed anyway. 😎

  • He needs to sign up soon, closing date is the 20th!

    It's not the best route as we have to run along a fast traffic (for the iow!) Road but 1st and last bits on lanes!but it's a good meet up and there's usually lots there.... X

  • Well done Frank! The race sounds like a blast! So much better to run when there's something interesting to look at😊 Races are proper good fun aren't they. I don't think when we took those tentative first steps of c25k that we'd ever envisaged ourselves racing. Glad we are though! 😊

  • You're certainly right there missW, never in a million years did I think I would enjoy it so much but I'm glad I did. This forum and runners I have met at parkruns has made it for me. Hope you are enjoying your runs, keep smiling. 😎

  • Well done! What a speedy time - I would be really chuffed if I could finish at that time in my 5 miler next month! :)

  • Thank you, whatever time you finish with will be a great result, you're getting out there and doing it which is the best achievement. Well done for graduating the c25k, enjoy your run next month. 😎

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