Best run yet!

Since graduating from C25K in April I've been struggling to run more than 5k. Every time I try it I'm either plagued by a tight/sore calf or tummy troubles. On top of that I've had a lurgee recently, which meant I took two weeks off from running. My first run back on Tuesday was a bit rubbish - 2.75miles of running/walking. So I didn't have great hopes for today's run.

In fact, it turned out to be the best yet. I've worked out a 5km route that takes me along part of the New River Path, so I planned to just run that. I took it slowly, and tried to focus on enjoying the run rather than just getting to the end of it. I was enjoying it so much I added a few diversions - through a new wetlands centre that opened up recently, and half a loop round the park - and managed 4.15 miles (I prefer to measure miles rather than kms as they're longer) in 41.5 minutes, so pretty much dot on 10 minutes a mile.

And I feel good! Only a few niggles with my calf, and absolutely no tummy troubles. I'm starting to think I might manage 10km (or should I say, 6.2 miles) at some point in the not too distant future.

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  • Well done Jude. It's fab when a run comes together and you really have a great time 😊 Hopefully this is a sign of better runs to come and you can leave the niggles behind you

    I have a niggly calf and can't run at present, and it's so demoralising 😕

  • That sounds like a lovely run🙂! Well done, it is so nice to feel progress isn't it? Good luck with your goal of 6.2miles!!

  • That is great news! Running for fun does happen from time to time. My legs are silly right now so maybe mine will also decide my next run will be a good one!!

  • Great stuff well done, it is a great confidence boost when it all comes together , 6.2 miles 10k or beyond anything is possible, it is as much about believing as anything physical 😊

  • Well done and good luck with the 10km that's what im working towards at the moment.

  • It makes such a difference when you change route and relax into the run. Whilst it's nice to have a goal, sometimes this can take over and we forget to enjoy getting to that goal (try to avoid saying the journey) Glad you are focusing on enjoyment, the 10k will happen, just take your time.

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