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Winter wonderland frustration

Since having about a foot of snow Saturday night and Sunday I rather suspected that running to 10k might be a tall order this morning. Got up at 6 and the street was still sparkling in the darkness. Followed fishpieface’s lead and went for tights on under my running leggings as I’ve no winter weight ones (hoping Santa will deliver!). Went through the early morning rigmarole and my doubts just got worse when I was driving at less than 10mph on the school run and watching pedestrians sliding precariously over the pavements. Eventually got out and felt I was not so much walking my warm up as gliding. Thought I’d try the local park as that might be less icy but didn’t factor in that there might still be some fairly deep untouched snow. Running through snow is SUCH hard work! I did my first k then thought I can’t keep this up and got back onto the pavement. I then pretty much skated my way home, back through the spinney, arms and legs all over the place. I must have looked comical but I’m SO frustrated and disappointed. Today was supposed to be it. My first 10k. I was going to reach my goal. Instead of which I just wobbled and skidded all over the place. Arghhh! At least I’m still in one piece I suppose...

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Well done for still trying!

I had a cold and wet 8k yesterday not tried my 10K yet!!! Building up to it!

Just getting out there, in this weather is an achievement I think!

Hope the weather improves & you get your 10K, good luck. 🤞😃


Thanks Lisaloopy. 8k in the current weather is impressive. I reckon you’ll make it 10 soon, no problem. Good luck!👍


I wobbled down to the dentist for an appointment this morning and the pavements was covered in ice - so slippery. I decided to postpone my run till later, when the ice had thawed. I rewobbled out in the afternoon for a carton of milk, nearly falling over twice, as the ice was juts as bad, so alas, no run today. I felt it was better to not risk a fall and a twisted ankle, or worse.


Yes, I agree damage limitation is the way to go. Happy running for when the ice clears!


Yes, you too!


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