Week off blues 🙁

My legs have been a bit cronky lately so I took a week off running. Did manage a cycle ride and a 30 minute brisk walk on the dreadmill. Feel like I am a non runner, my legs feel reasonably ok but I have a 10k event in 8 days and not sure my confidence or legs are in the zone. Might try a trial ambling jog on Saturday. To see if my legs can run at all. Starting to wonder if this is a stumbling block that will knock me out which would be sad, I have come a long way but for no apparent reason this achy calves when running is a problem that has me doubting myself. Help, anyone else had a crisis? How did u get on track?


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  • Cronky.... love it! May I borrow that word? :)

    Poor you...the nearest I got to this, was after the extended, repeated bouts of the Bronchial lurgy earlier in the year, and getting back into it was hard. I started back with exercise when I felt well enough and was house bound, and then, like you, did walks. Got brisker, and brisker, until the first tentative jog! I think my mind was the worst worry... I was afraid I would not be able to run...but a bit like riding a bike, it was fine when I started.

    Same sort of thing after the 10 days after the dodgy knee incident too.

    So, probably not much help..but it was fine, once I started very gently! Just maybe, start with a brisk walk, interspersed, with slow jogs... just like the first weeks of C25K? Try not to focus on the run, a bit like me, take everything else in, and think about anything other than your legs! Maybe a good rub massage before you set out, to get the blood flowing too.

    I am just off out now, so I will take you with me for trial run!!! :)

  • Thanks, I will have a tentative woodland amble tomorrow and see how it goes. There is no good reason after doing so well that I should land in a slump! Next Sunday is my 10k too, will keep u posted. Feel free to borrow my words, sharing is caring

  • Chin up... and big hug! x

  • Hey Joolie, think we need to wrap them gremlins up in clingfilm & gaffer tape and stuff them in a dark dark cupboard then lock it!

    Once we've done that then head out for a no pressure walk/gentle run & see how you go.

    I agree with Oldfloss re giving your leggles a good old massage to warm them up, a few stretches & a warm up walk & off you go. Slow & steady does it.

    You know you can do a 10k so you have the ability. If you need to walk bits, you need to walk em. If the calves get achey while running, pause, give them a wee rub & go again.

    You can do it. Now go find that gaffer tape & those gremlins........ 😉xx

  • Tomorrow my husband is watching rugby in Twickenham so I can do what I want, will head out to the woods and jumble along and stop if needed,mat least it is out

  • Hi joolie. I sustained a nasty calf tear at week 8 of the programme last year. (Ironically it occured at work rather than out running). I was gutted as I was really enjoying the programme and suddenly felt like a non runner again. I was out of action for about 10 weeks(😮) and even after that had several false starts back. What I learned in that time off however, is that injury occurs to most of us at some point and frustrating though it is at the moment, you will get back and you are still a runner! I think having an event looming up doesn't help but I know that not being fit for an event is actually quite common and part of the journey for a lot of runners! If you're not able to do this 10k, there will be plenty of others if that is what you want. I found a great sports physio who helped me with my rehab and I learned an awful lot about my body during that time which I think has helped me since. If a private physio is not an option then maybe your gp could refer you to a physio for assessment? Good luck.

  • It is Race for Life,miso think it will be a relaxed run if you can, walk if you need to so I should be fine. Test jog tomorrow and see what is next

  • Hi, I was just thinking to myself that if it is both of your calves it is less likely to be an injury per se. Have a look at this, seems sensible advice...


  • Really useful article☺

  • Thanks Rose, very helpful

  • You're having a bad time with this joolie. I know you really want to getcback to where you were and run your race. I think though you should let this 10k go and take the pressure off yourself. Try the leg exercise in the link - standing on one leg, holding the wall and raising your standing leg till you are up on your toes, then lower your heel again. If you cannot do it, go and see your gp and get a referral to a physio, even if it is a long wait. When you start running again, just run gently for 10 min and build up from there in 2-5 min increments. This is the advice I have always read regarding returning to running after injury. If calf muscles are torn, the recovery time is 6-8 weeks according to another poster. Chin up Joolie, you can do this. Dealing with injury is at least as hard as completing the programme.

  • You've taken a week off running, so you have been a non runner! But then you say your legs are reasonably OK, Then I don't get it! Think it's just those naughty gremlins coming in and you maybe worrying too much about the race coming up. My legs feel a bit tired at times, but manage to get the run done, even if it means walking for 30 secs, so, you know what to do with gremlins Joolie? Cheer up!😊

  • Hey Joolie , I am with Noaky12 , those doubts and gremlins need kicking into touch.

    You know you can do it, deep breath go out tomorrow and just run it for fun ☺

    You have worked hard to get this point , we are right behind you 😊

  • Sounds to me like you may be run down, I swear by Berrocca.... My only advice is don't make yourself if you want to, and when you do want to try a favourite route and keep it short so you get a sense of achievement, and take care 😎

  • Managed 5k today, bit of a slog but did it without any real pain in shins. I think it is a result of stress due to uncertainty in my work situation that has knocked my confidence a little. I am still a runner as I proved today!

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