"Bad Boy" plants

"Bad Boy" plants

Love the fact the ground is puddle free today (tomorrow it might b different) and that means the countryside tracks are fully open. I would prefer to wear three quarter Capri trousers but the trouble is the Bad Boy plants are flourishing (nettles but the Bad Boy name stuck, my son called them that when he was two) and I don't want to get stung!

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  • There will come a time when you need to brave those bad boys, if you don't want to boil ! I've been running on overgrown trail tracks in capri's/shorts and vest tops and not yet been stung this year ( although I have been bitten - need some insect repellent ! ) Last summer I think it was just the once on the arm, and the uncomfortable feeling really does subside quite quickly - much quicker than overheating anyway !

  • Yikes.... nettles... only good in soup or cheese! Loving that name too... your son has the right idea!!!

    The running and overheating is a worry. I want to wear less, but have quite a reaction to nettles and insects...I have a reverse hypodermic kit for nasty bites!!!

    I shall have to run in less in France... have even got shorts for the first time in soooooooooo many years... so will have to carry the kit with me there!

  • Think i'll stick to my paths thank you, never did like nettles !!

  • Hi JoolieB1, I'm going to Daventry Parkrun this Saturday if you're around....not run there before so it's a meander if you fancy a walk / talk run.

  • Thanks for the invite! Sorry but not working and have an acute money shortage in the petrol department 😣! I'm poor but happy LOL. hope it goes well xx

  • The solution is easy: on a non-running day you clear the path from the nettles (that can be used in a lot of recipes - i.e. to prepare a "pesto" sauce, a risotto, put on a pizza, etc. ;) ), and on running days you can safely wear shorts. ;)

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