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A good week of running

Hello everyone,

Hope you've had a good week of running.

I almost got a new PB on my 5k on Wednesday- I was 6 seconds short! Dash it! I was really pleased though as my 5k last week was a real slog for some reason and I was also running after work, which is always more tiring for me. But I'd finally put some music on my ipod- venturing away from Laura and the week 9 podcast!- and I think that gave me a real boost. (It did make me start too fast though as my pacing was all off, so I must watch that next time).

Today I did 9k in 1 hr and 36secs. I was delighted with that. My last 9k was 1 hr 3mins 20 secs, so that was almost 3mins faster which is fab. My 10k race is coming up in a few weeks time. I'd love to do 10k in under 1 hour 10, that's the goal.

Happy running everyone!

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Just keep doing what are doing you will be well under your target 😊

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Sounds like you're right on track to get your aim, the race atmosphere usually makes you that bit faster too! :)

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I hope so, that would be great!!


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