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It’s Week 5 of Ju-Ju’s Magic Running Plan!!! 💥 Halfway there 😊😊😊


Hey Magic Runners!!!!

We're halfway through the Plan now, so how are you feeling about things? Please share in the comments below 😊😊😊

For those of you who are not halfway yet, or who are further along the plan (and all of you!!) I hope you are enjoying your running and will share your progress in the comments below.

For those of you who ARE on Week 5 this is our first RE-SET week! The runs will be the same as last week, giving you a chance to consolidate your new distances or times; and to cogitate on your progress so far. Have a good think about how you are feeling - maybe try a meditation-style body scan:

★ Tune in to your body – check in while you run and do a quick body scan from your feet to your head. How do you feel? Are there any aches or pains you should attend to? Do you need to adjust your gait or stride? How is your state of mind? When you get home, jot down your findings.


Distance runs (to be completed in any length of time, and in any order you wish)

★ 4 km

★ 5 km

★ 8 km

Timed runs (for those not yet ready to do the distances in the 10k Plan. Can be run in any order)

★ 20 minutes

★ 30 minutes

★ 50 minutes

Please make sure you are warm before exercising!

See the pinned INFO POST for all the Magic Running Plan details, useful links, and the list of Magic VRBs 😊


There are no strength exercises on the plan this week. You may carry on with your strength circuits, choose your favourite exercise - or you might find it's nice to take a break! Up to you 😊

💥 Here is Ju-Ju- with some chat about injury:

💥 Have a great week, and enjoy your running!

roseabi xx

September 23rd, 2019

Last week's post:

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Hi all, well I've started my real life 5-10k running course (which I've already posted about) so I've now dropped behind with my distance as the first week was strengthening exercises and a homework 5k, which I ran at Parkrun. No idea what's coming in the next session, I'll let you all know!

Hidden in reply to grumpyoldgirl

Good luck with the running course. I think it will provide even more motivation as we move into the darker days.

grumpyoldgirl in reply to Hidden

Thanks rainbow. Hope so, I'm happier to take my time, but it's better if it's fun 😊

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Hello Magic Plan runners!

Well, that was an interesting weekend. Due to illness, during week 3, I effectively abandoned training and restarted week 3 when week 4 started. So, my 3.5k and 5K went well. I planned for my 7K run on Saturday, thus finishing week 3. As it happened, we were having a weekend away with friends in the Cotswolds, so went out to do this run with company for once. One of my friends is quite an experienced runner (doing ultra marathons etc.) and he had already scoped out a route for us. We set off after breakfast in glorious sunshine on quite a challenging route (it is the Cotswolds, so lots of deceptive hills and valleys). Mixture of roads, woodland trails, grass fields and trails across ridges. It was beautiful!

We got back to the hotel having comfortably run 8.5km. Managed it in just under an hour, which I think is pretty good given there was 132m elevation gain. It is now the longest run I have done and I was feeling rather proud of myself.

So the question is....

Can I count that as my week 4 runs complete, given I sort of missed the 7K and went straight to 8K?

This week, should I follow the program for week 5, consolidate that 8K and chalk it down as a win?

roseabiAdministrator in reply to IrvingWashington

Wow well done! Yes, I don't see why not 😊😊😊

IrvingWashingtonGraduate10 in reply to roseabi

Thank you! I will do that! :)

Hidden in reply to IrvingWashington

Fantastic run, well done!

kpnuts53Graduate10 in reply to IrvingWashington

I'd definitely say that's a win, well done on unexpectedly completing week 4!

JaoJaoGraduate10 in reply to IrvingWashington

Your weekend sounds really great! so pleased you picked up where you left off.


Hi, I forgot to send a message about Bridge to 10k graduation - all done & did my first 10k at the Turning Tides Go The Distance event in Worthing yesterday. Managed to battle the headwinds going west & thankfully got to the turn in Goring before the rain set in & pushed me back for a 56 min time. Great stuff

roseabiAdministrator in reply to RunMitchRun

Fabulous work!!


I've completed the runs but plodded for the 4 and 5k this week. Not sure why. It'll be interesting to see if the reset week helps.

Hidden in reply to Sharuns

Well done! It seems that for no reason at all some runs just feel really hard. Good luck this week.


Sadly I am falling behind and at a bit of a standstill.

Ran the Sunday before last and could hardly walk after because of achilles pain! I didn’t run last week until a 5k fun run on Saturday. Not a good run at all as lots of people just walked it and I found it difficult to get past! I decided to embrace the spirit of the event and the fact people were getting out exercising. Also I decided it would be a gentle test for my foot.

A little pain yesterday but not feeling too bad. I think I will do the short run of week 3 on Wednesday and see how I go.

Doing lots of eccentric heel exercises every day which I’m sure helps and will be something I always do now. When just on the left foot it really is rather painful though. Am also using the foam roller.

Anyway enough about me! Well done to everyone out there, no matter where you are on the plan. We will all complete it at some point and it’s so great to hear the enthusiastic posts about your successes and challenges.

Keep on going everyone you can definitely do it!

SkegGraduate10 in reply to Hidden

Had NHS insoles Dec 18 and heel injection June 19. Thus far exercises and frozen water bottle to roll foot on, that helps me greatly, have kept foot problems to just niggles. Good luck on resolving your issues.

Hidden in reply to Skeg

Thank you so much. I also have an ice pack which I use each evening and you’re right it does seem to help.

SharunsGraduate10 in reply to Hidden

I had achilles pain which added a few weeks to the C25K. Never a problem since. Impatience extended the break, so rest as much as needed. I found the eccentric heel drops odd to co-ordinate despite watching a few videos. We all get there eventually on different routes.

Hidden in reply to Sharuns

Thank you that’s encouraging and I’m so glad you’ve been fine since.

Hidden in reply to Sharuns

You’re right about being impatient. I think I will leave running this week as I am starting to feel a bit better so I should build in that. Just strength exercises and extra yoga 😊. Thank you.

SharunsGraduate10 in reply to Hidden

I took advice from 2 sporty colleagues then chose the advice I preferred. Should have listened to the other one. (I take the same approach with weather forecasts. I'm optimistic but often caught without a brolly.)

roseabiAdministrator in reply to Hidden

Cut back the exercises if painful (but try to do a few) - try dipping the heel less at first. Roll your calf but not directly on the Achilles tendon. Also try rolling a small ball under your foot - plantar fascia, Achilles, and calf muscles are all connected.

Good luck on Wednesday xx

Run46Graduate10 in reply to Hidden

Oh how frustrating for you Rainbow, injuries suck! It sounds like you're doing all the right things so I hope you're all better and joining us in a run very soon ğŸ¤žğŸ˜Š

Hidden in reply to Run46

Thanks Run46 that’s kind. Maybe I should be pleased to have a break in this terrible weather!

I think that when you progress so quickly with C25K you just want to keep up the momentum and the fear of slipping backwards is disappointing. Anyway it’s a VERY small problem to have. 😊

Run46Graduate10 in reply to Hidden

I totally understand where you're coming from, improvement is a bit addictive I fear 😏

Though I dread the thought of an injury, I imagine the stamina we've built up wouldn't quite so easily be quashed and am sure that you'll be back out there giving it your all as soon as you're able! Enjoy the rest while you need it 😉

Hidden in reply to Run46


I’ve started a fitness programme at the gym to address my very weak right leg which has caused gait and knee and achilles issues in the recent past, so what with 5 sessions for this a week I’ve rather fallen behind. I’m hoping to find a pattern to slot the runs in for the cardio bit of training. But I’m with you all in spirit!

Run46Graduate10 in reply to Tulipcat

Wow, you're a busy girl! Hope the training pays off so you can enjoying being a stronger you in your next runs 👍😊


I’m sort of sticking to the plan but running more if I want to so yesterday did 8.5k! In 53mins which was 2mins quicker than a 8k last week! So further and quicker! Had the right frame of mind as set out to do a 5 then just felt happy going on! Got 3weeks until a 10k race and feel like I can totally do it! Amazing as a few months ago I was wondering if I could do it! Oh and I’ve joined a gym too! Like the rowing machine the best!

Hidden in reply to Miss-fuschia

That sounds great, well done. You will definitely be able to do the 10k.

roseabiAdministrator in reply to Miss-fuschia

Wow, you're on fire! Keep yourself aware of niggles as you increase distance and speed, but I reckon that 10k race is yours! 😊😊😊


Hi all. I've enjoyed the running so far and surprised myself with some of the longer runs, during which I've managed to not stop. My question is that I am currently a week behind in the programme and have my first 10K race on 20th October. Do I skip one of the weeks with 8K in and do 9K twice, or would I be better off doing both 8K weeks and skipping one of the 9Ks? Thanks!

roseabiAdministrator in reply to JacksonBrown

I'd go for the two 9Ks. But if you're worried about it you could always do 8K this week, 8.5K next week, then 9K xx

JacksonBrownGraduate10 in reply to roseabi

Thanks. Did the 8k this morning. Managed to do it without stopping, so may head out for a 9k next week but be ok with an 8.5k :-)


I’ve just finished week three. I realise I’m way behind after my hols but I’m proud of myself for carrying on. 7k done today. That’s the furthest I’ve ever run.

Hidden in reply to Ssasqueen

Well done I bet you feel great.

kpnuts53Graduate10 in reply to Ssasqueen

Well done, such a great feeling isn't it

roseabiAdministrator in reply to Ssasqueen

Awesome!!!!! Well done xxx


Life and hols, mainly sitting on coach, meant no runs for 9 days. Rest helped heel niggles and thigh aches to now pretty much sorted. One of my street continual runs is 5.2K in 33.5 mins so decided to do that yesterday. Oh dear what a shock. It took 6 mins longer plus needed walking breaks to help breathing. Very unusually for me put 5% of my weight on. I'm hoping that's the reason for poor result. So this week is try to get back to where I was pre break - seems a long way to go.

Hidden in reply to Skeg

Glad all the pains have gone, you obviously needed the rest. Just ease yourself back into it and I’m sure you’ll be fine. Happy running.

roseabiAdministrator in reply to Hidden

Can't say fairer than Rainbow! You can do it, Skeg, and there's absolutely no rush xxx

Hi roseabi

I am opting out at this point, as I didn't manage to run last week at all. But I will continue to run, and do my 35 to 40 minute duration cliff-path runs, as and when I feel like it, as I do enjoy running still, but I just don't think longer distance is for me - as my mojo seemed to have gone, and I hibernated a bit last week!

But I am cheering everyone on, and will be reading each week's postings, as I think that everyone is very inspiring here, and I have learned a lot from reading the posts and I'm cheering you all on.

Thanks for your great organisation too - really good, and I love ju-ju- 's enthusiasm and videos too, and her plankety-planks - I hope to continue doing those, even though they are very hard for me to do!

Zest :-)

Hidden in reply to Zest

Hi Zest. I totally understand where you’re

coming from and this time of year we do feel more like hiding away.

Glad you still enjoy running and will continue when you feel like it. I’m sure on a nice autumn day or in the spring you will get your enthusiasm back.

Good luck.

roseabiAdministrator in reply to Zest

Zest, you know what's best for you, and I'm so happy that you will be continuing with exercise that you enjoy - and still be cheering us on!!! xxx


I’m a little behind having gone down with a cold last week. Hoping to do my first 50 min run later this week.

roseabiAdministrator in reply to Eilnbai

I'm with you there! Stupid viruses 😄 Good luck for your 50-minuter xxx

Run46Graduate10 in reply to Eilnbai

Good luck with it, hope you feel better soon 😊


I'm still here for Week 5. I am really enjoying the Juju plan, it's just as good as c25k but what's really great about it is all the extras information, videos, week by week preperation, this has been so so good for my running journey just when I thought I hit a plateau. Parkrun times keep on improving which was my main objective and I continue to suprise myself each week increasing my long distance, I didn't know my little legs had it in them!

This week I am slightly bothered by the rain forecast, it's going to be ugly all week. Let's see how it goes. I am also repeating my favourite strength exercises of the past few weeks.

Thanks Roseabi.

roseabiAdministrator in reply to JaoJao

That's lovely to read - thank you! And a huge well done, superstar!!!! xx

Good luck dodging the rain this week - it's howling in Hove today 😊😊😊

JaoJaoGraduate10 in reply to roseabi

I did it Roseabi! I managed to dodge the rain this lunchtime for my long run 8K. And my 8K run felt very comfortable throughout, nice steady pace, I feel really well prepared for 9k and 10k in the coming weeks.

I was so nervous that this week was going to be a washout but it worked out so well in the end. Bring on parkrun this Satuday! x

Run46Graduate10 in reply to JaoJao

I think you may have to learn to love the rain JaoJao 🌧😉

SharunsGraduate10 in reply to JaoJao

I love running in the rain which surprises me as I hate rain otherwise. I'm cooler when I get in and don't have to rest (=stop sweating) before jumping in the shower.

I am afraid I need to quit the magic plan. Running again for 50 minutes is not fun anymore. Moreover I dont want to push my shelf anymore. Maybe because I started c25k on May and I push my self since then. I will follow a 20, 30, and 40 min plan as one of you suggested. Thank you for your support. Maybe I ll join some other time again

roseabiAdministrator in reply to Dimi3is

You know yourself best, and it's a great idea to stick with exercise that you enjoy doing! Have fun with your running and keep us posted xxx

Hidden in reply to Dimi3is

I totally understand. As I said to Zest you may feel the enjoyment returns in the spring but your plan, even long term sounds great.

We need to be enjoying it to stick at it. Happy running in your beautiful surroundings.


Just finished week 2! At this rate I'll graduate with the next cohort, but that's fine, I'll get there 😀

roseabiAdministrator in reply to Ethelbert

You will xx


I had a good week last week, did 8.3k without stopping and managed 5k in under 30 mins! I do feel super tired in the evening after my longer run, is that normal? I follow keto way of eating so was wandering if that could be affecting it? Might just need to up my calories the day before my long run I think. I am going to join a running club which I’m hoping will help when it comes to running the longer distances as sometimes running by myself can get a bit boring even though I run along a beautiful coast line, it’ll be nice to meet sone like minded running people! I’ve also got some winter running gear on order as don’t want to use that as an excuse not to go out! Well thats all my wk4 news, look forward to consolidating in wk5! Happy running everyone 🏃‍♀️🙌

roseabiAdministrator in reply to Flyinghigh100

It is pretty normal to feel tired after doing more exercise than you've been used to. Your energy intake may also be a factor as you suggest, and experimenting is a great idea xx

Run46Graduate10 in reply to Flyinghigh100

If it makes you feel any better FH, I'm exhausted 😓😂


Definitely appreciate a consolidation week! After slightly increasing all my runs last week what with moving over from the timed plan to the 10K one I think my legs would mutiny if I tried to run any further right now 😏...hopefully by next week they'll have forgiven me 😉👍

I’m nearly 2 weeks behind on the plan because of my illness! Headed out this evening for my first run back and really pleased that it went well. I was so worried that I wouldn’t be able to keep going but I felt fine! I kept it slow and steady just in case 😀 bring on the next one!

Hidden in reply to alisonr54

Glad you’re feeling better and great news that you had a good run! Onwards and upwards.

alisonr54 in reply to Hidden

Thank you 😀

roseabiAdministrator in reply to alisonr54

That's great news - well done!!

alisonr54 in reply to alisonr54

Just done my 44 minutes long run 😁 beat my previous 5k time on the way too! Really happy to be back🏃‍♀️


Started off doing the timed plan and am ahead on that one having done 60 minutes on my last run of last week which also meant week 4 of distance done as my tired old body managed to get to 8.37 km in my 60 mins - keeping the mantra of slow and steady in anything over 5km! Still finding all this amazing after starting the journey last February at 65 - but boy did I know about the time/distance on Sunday and Monday! So in awe of all the hares though.


Great going, that’s fantastic!

I'm only half way through week 3 so a while to go yet, but so far so good. I'm really enjoying having a structure to work to again, but not putting myself under too much pressure.

Lovely to see everyone is doing so well. Happy running!

Hidden in reply to Zebadee1

Sounds great, well done. I agree the structure is so helpful and good to not load on the pressure which is so easy to do.


Just giving a little update. Done the 2 x 4ks this week and going to do the 8k on Sunday. My 4ks are enjoyable and comfortable and feels more like a run than a jog👍. Pleased that the distance running has helped my PR with a PB on Saturday knocking 2 mins off previous. I’ll never be a hare but perhaps not quite such a tortoise. Enjoying reading all your updates. Going to try to be better at the exercises next 🙄

roseabiAdministrator in reply to Aspire24

Well done!!


I usually run a circuit in my neighborhood, but today I mixed it up and ran to my son’s house! The look on their faces when they realized I had run the 5 miles to their house was priceless!

Can any one tell me why I can run 8k and then think I am going to die on the 5 k and 4K runs? I always do my long run of the week first. So I ran the 8 k Wednesday, the 5k Friday, and the 4K on Sunday.

roseabiAdministrator in reply to Chocomom

Well done, that's awesome!

This tiredness may be simply you adjusting to the new regime. But you might like to try taking two days off running after your long run - it could be that you need extra time to recover.

Hidden in reply to Chocomom

Wow i bet they were impressed and quite rightly. Well done!

ChocomomGraduate10 in reply to Hidden

Thank you! My son drove me home and kept saying “you ran really far!”


Hi managed my 7k and 5k runs so far this week. Seem to have a niggly right ankle now though so hoping after a few days rest it sorts itself out. Knees still hurt but beginning to think I may just have to get used to that and learn what is a 'normal' pain and stop if it gets worse. Xx

roseabiAdministrator in reply to LUHAN

Well done, and have a good rest xxx

30 minute run tomorrow and then weeks complete on nights and full of cold so fully expecting a tortoise or sloth to overtake me if they are running the same route as me.

roseabiAdministrator in reply to Klola

Take care xxx


I wasn't sure what I'd be capable of after a 2 week holiday and no running.

However, I managed 5k on the first outing this week. I was running 8k before my hols so I pushed myself to 9k on the second run (the gremlins can't tell me that I won't be able to run 9k now). I did 4k yesterday and that felt so easy after the longer runs. I have felt quite tired though and it took a couple of days to recover from 9k. The exercises aren't going too well - mainly as the dog likes to get involved! 😂 xx

Hidden in reply to Cantstopmenow

Well done that’s really good going after a two week break.

roseabiAdministrator in reply to Cantstopmenow

Well done, and bad dog! 😄😄😄


Hi everyone,

I've been really rubbish at posting, but I have kept to the plan (yay!). My 7K, first 8K and 4K were really good (I twice beat my fastest ever Km and mile) and I had a completely horrible 5k somewhere in the middle. I'm so glad I started the plan, it's been invaluable for building my running confidence.

Anyway, I'm finally posting because I need some advice - there is an annual women's run in my local town to raise money for breast cancer and it's next Sunday. There is a choice of a 6K walk, 6K run or 10K run, and I wondered what you all think about me signing up for the 10K although next week in the plan is 9K. Yesterday I did week 6's regular 5K and I usually do the shorter run on Tuesday after work. So do I do 9k on Thursday AND 10K on Sunday next week, followed by 4K on Tuesday 8th and 5K on 10th?

I feel like I'm talking myself into it, but what do you think? Obviously I can walk for part of the 10K is necessary, but it will discourage me.

Thanks in advance

Love Lizz x

roseabiAdministrator in reply to Lizzisforliving

I would do a shorter run on Thursday. Ideally swap and do the 9k on Tuesday, but if that's not possible just do 4k on Tuesday as planned, and then another 4k on Thursday.

Don't feel discouraged if you have to walk a tiny bit during your 10k race though! If they have a water station at the event, a good tactic is to walk through it, or even stop for a few seconds. This gives you a chance to get a proper drink (difficult to drink from a cup on the run, esp if not used to it!), and a quick re-set.

Good luck!!! xxx

LizzisforlivingGraduate10 in reply to roseabi

Thank you. I’m hoping to do 9k later this afternoon - I’ll let you know if I manage it! X

roseabiAdministrator in reply to Lizzisforliving

Good luck! xx

I’ve been awol due to a heavy few weeks at work but I managed the great Scottish 10k today. Ran every step in 1 hour 14 minutes! Absolutely delighted and hope this resets me back on the plan and heading towards increasing the distance too🏃‍♀️

roseabiAdministrator in reply to Lynnys74r


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