Monday surprise run

Monday surprise run

Monday is usually a 5k and I save my long run for Friday but went out today and felt OK so kept going a bit further and decided to go off road on a bridle way I hadn't tried before.  Turned into an adventure - very steep hill but at the top saw 7 Red Kites, then a bullfinch in a hedge, then in the woods heard a Woodpecker!  Not sure I stuck to the bridle way but found my way home (eventually)!

Legs feel ok but my foot is a bit tender so will have 2 days of rest.  Have u ever had an unexpected run?  Julie

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  • I love those runs where you feel a bit closer to nature. I once had a run where I was convinced a buzzard was following me. Just as I thought I'd lost it, it frightened the life out of me by flying out of a very small tree about 7 meters in front of me. About a week later I ran about 2 meters away from it as it sat in a hedgerow. I couldn't believe it as it is a sizable bird for being in a hedgerow!!!! I've heard the woodpeckers on my runs a few times but never actually spotted one whilst running. You keep enjoying those runs!

  • Buzzards are so solid and chunky, wouldn't want to come too close to one!  I heard the woodpecker several times and tried to look to where the sound came from but couldn't track it down, next time.  Saw a green woodpecker a couple of times feeding on a grassy bank and another time flying.  Give me a grassy track and I am away, not so keen on Tarmac and gardens!!

  • Yep - it frightened the life out of me. I'm convinced it is always the same pair that I see so they're getting used to me! Ive seen a green woodpecker and a spotted woodpecker in my garden before. Love those trails!

  • Sounds amazing. Wish I lived in the countryside. The most exciting wildlife I encounter are rabbits and squirrels.

  • Screeching seagulls, swooping magpies mainly, then now and again Dolphins on the ocean side,  a coupLe of time it was a mum and baby alongside. 

    By the lagoon it is Cormorants and shags chasing jumping white baits being round up by Dolphins. 

  • How lovely! I was excited by a singing Robin a few weeks ago :).

    I would love to do some off-road running, but I worry about safety on my own.

  • Lovely photo Julie! Sounds like my kind of run☺. Hope your foot feels better tomorrow.

  • Much better thanks and resting from running until Thursday so will be good to go then!

  • It is amazing how much closer to nature we are from running outside and what we see 😊

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