Using a "stick" massager on calf muscles??

I have got myself one of these "stick" type massagers. Have seen a number of Youtube vids on how to use them on my calf muscles( which I regularly have problems with ) . I have found a couple of sore,tender points deep inside the muscle which "hurt" if I press on them hard with the stick roller. Is this how its supposed to feel?? I thought that the massage was supposed to "relieve" tightness/pain - this seems to make the point even sorer.

Yesterday - I thought I may have done some damage to myself - I don't think I overdid it , but I used the massager for the first time - it certainly "hurt" to use it as I have heard others say elsewhere - but as the day wore on, my calf felt really quite bruised internally ( although not showing any signs externally of that) . This morning it seems to be OK - will see what happens when I go on a shortish run.

Any thoughts please??

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  • Somebody bought me one of these recently - I haven't had any specific problems with it but should probably have a look at the youtube videos. It was sore on my quads the first time I used it which took me by surprise as they don't normally trouble me. As it felt okay next day would imagine it was just "doing you good". The foam roller instruction say pain will lessen as time goes on so presume is the same principle.

  • After I used it yesterday, It became quite painful as the day wore on - however it was gone this morning and for the first time in a long time I ran this morning without getting any "stiffness' in my calf muscles ???

  • Keep us posted Bazza. It will be interesting to see how things evolve and l am sure your objective analysis will be useful.

  • Well that's good news - long may it last.

  • In fact - THIS morning ( next day) I can't really even feel where this pain was - seems to have gone entirely. I'm going to continue to use this on my calves after I run, it is the only area really that I have any problems with

  • I don't know anything about stick massagers but going by your description of pain/possible internal bruising I'd stop using it, wait til all pain goes (maybe give it a week) then try again much more gently. Although my instinct might be to throw it away even. Ouch!

  • Do you use foam rollers too Bazza? I've been looking at these sticks and wondering if they do the same job as foam rollers or if they go deeper. I know that any time I get a sports massage the masseuse tells me that I will feel bruised the next day but the day after that I will feel a lot better. So I guess the principle is the same here. Mind you, as I use a foam roller and balls every day then I never get to the "oh that feels better" stage but am always in the "ouch" stage 😊

  • Have tried to use foamrollers and balls - but never seem to get any "satisfaction" from them. They feel awkward to use to me. I ma generally not a particularly flexible person - but don't have any problems with that inflexibility - except for my calf muscles when running. This stick seems to be the way to go for me for the calf muscles - cant really imagine using it anywhere else.

  • Might invest in one then to add to my arsenal......

  • have you ever had a sports massage or seen a sports osteopath|? In my experience it hurts like hell but a couple of days later its improved!!!

  • that is basically the experience I am getting with this stick roller.

  • Sounds good! could do with it on my neck/shoulder muscles, I massage them, but they hurt as I touch them.. have to go through the pain I suppose..

  • A tennis ball against a wall is good for neck and shoulder tightness Dave.

  • Thanks IP, I play tennis, so have lots of tennis balls...

  • The ball against the wall is good! It takes practice though as I kept dropping the thing!

    I have been foam rolling my poorly calf today. It is very sore, so rolling the bits adjacent today. You can only roll when the inflammation has subsided or it will be just too much and you could make things worse

    My thoughts with the stick Baz is that you could go in to aggressively. With the foam roller it's blunt and round. Less pointy! The stick looks a bit too gung-ho for me.

    I'll be interested to know how you get on with it.

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