How old are you?

Anyone else watched the TV show, 'How to stay young' ? It's v interesting and this is a link to see what estimated physical age you are... If you are prone to worry about these things don't do it!! It made me realise my sinful past still has an impact on my longevity ... I came out as 39 and I am 45. However this is with loads of changes I have made to compensate for the crap stuff!!!

Im posting on all forums so apologies if you see this 3 times!!!

Any thoughts or observations? 

Happy panthering


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  • Coo, that did my ego some good, thanks JJ! I'm 39 too, I'll take that instead of my 47. Almost young enough to get myself a Justin Bieber ticket - but happily, not close enough.

  • Ha ha... Thank God!!!!

  • I'm actually having a brill time as an over 40's girl - now I know that my body is younger, it's going to be even better. Now if you'll excuse me,  I'm off to eat a few more veggies - apparently I can whittle off another three years. Woot woot!

  • Bit hard to answer many of these questions - life is often too "complicated" to compartmentalize any particular aspect of it into one of 4 options!! :)  

    Anyway, I am a stone's throw away from 70 - and this test says that I am 62 :). However at parkrun today, I came in 192nd out of 369 runners - and 110th on an age graded basis. So - read whatever you want into that!! :)  In the running "game", I think that I am a bit of a "freak" . There are many older people who can easily outrun me - both in terms of pace and distance - but it seems that most have been lifelong runners. I rarely come across somebody in their mid to late 60's taking on long distance running as a "hobby" in their dotage !! :)  And let me tell you I AM NO RUNNER!!

  • You are the best Bazza 😎 And an inspiration to so many too...

  • I doff my hat to you, Bazza. I hope to kick ass bazza-style in 20 years time. 

  • Nah - I am just an underling -- here is the Guru :)

  • He is pretty cool!!!

  • From one old to another. Keep going! I get funny looks sometimes but I smile. 😀

  • Thanks for that. It's made my day. I am 50 and the test says l am 40.

  • Well, thank you so much for that link.  I am going out with a real spring in my step this morning.  I answered the questions honestly and instead of 68, I am apparently, 54 - yippee.  I have actually recorded that program,  but haven't had time to watch it yet.  i will definitely make time over the weekend.

  • It's worth a watch 😎

  • I took this test and came out as 49. I'm 61! Not sure it's accurate. I watched the programme and I'm not sure I could do that sit stand test. 

  • my age came out as 46 and i'm 45, not too bad i guess. Not sure why as i don't drink hardly ever and eat my veggies ! maybe i answered the stress questions too honestly!!!!!!!!!! and i couldn't do the sit down stand up test, well i just about got down but no chance of getting up! :( 

  • I am 58 and I came up 42 😊 woohoo

  • Did this got a shocking result and realised it is because I am an ex-smoker, having smoked for 20 plus years. I am now 3 years into being a non-smoker recently celebrating my 1500th day! If I change my answer to being a non-smoker all my life then I get an ego-boosting result. 

  • Yes, I was chuffed to bits - 52, and came out as 38 :) If I wasn't still so overweight I reckon it might have thought I was still in my teens :D

    However, these tests are so simplistic - there were several answers where out of the 6 options, none of them were quite right so I had to go for the nearest..  It was an interesting way of looking at things though.

  • I'm 50 body age 41. Would be better if I dealt better with stress but I think you just are the way you are. Would also be a lot better if I fasted regularly but I'm not into that.

  • I came out 32, real age 36. But my recent shift to a healthy diet and lifestyle was a response to alcohol/stress related health problems, which I didn't have to mention as part of the test. Also, yes past comes back to haunt you, once a smoker, always an ex-smoker. So I think its scope is limited... although I've still had to show ID at the offy in the past year - not so often anymore though...

    Thanks :)

  • Ha! 44 vs 59 - I can take that. :)  Had I done the test before I started running three years ago, the answer would have been very different!

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