Runners' cough?

Is there any such thing? I'm working my way to 10k and managed 8k along the river today. Felt great and as though I had the legs to take me to 10k, but didn't want to push it. 

When I reached 8k I stopped and had a little walk but started to get a bit of a cough. It's happened a couple of times.  I don't have asthma, the 8k took 58min so I wasn't super speedy or anything. 

Anyone had similar?

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  • Some people cough when exercising in cold weather, but have no problems in the summer or warmer seasons. Cold air, especially cold dry air that accompanies the arctic blasts pushing down from the northern latitudes can be a trigger for cough due to bronchospasm or asthma. Many people pushed to high respiratory rates in these conditions will develop contractions or spasms in the smooth muscle that surrounds the airways and also produce extra mucous in the lining of the lung tubes that result in wheezing and/or cough. This is commonly known as exercise asthma or exercise associated bronchospasm. This can be a form of intermittent asthma or simply bronchospasm from changes in the airway.

  • Thank you. I'll mention it the next time I see the GP

  • What davelinks  says.  I developed exercised induced asthma after starting C25K, much to my annoyance.  Cold sets me off, as do petrol fumes or a lot of pollen.  It doesn't trouble me now I know about it and manage it with my inhalers, but it's worth checking out with your GP as you suggest.

    Hopefully it's not that at all and it may just be a temporary irritation.

  • Think quite a lot get it in the cold weather, you could try putting something like a buff or similar over the mouth when running, just to slightly warm the air going into the mouth..

  • I sometimes get a little cough - more like a clearing throat type of cough every now and then. I think it is down to me having a dry mouth.

    However, when I was younger I would get a really bad cough after exercising - but it cleared up with increased fitness or age..?

  • You could take a sucky sweet with you, fruity one is good as it produces saliva. I think dry mouth is possibly the cause. I get it quite often.  You can suck a sweet for the whole run or just pop one in if you start to get a dry throat. I try and not suck sweets too much as I value my teeth

  • :) I'll take a sweet with me on Friday and see if it helps.  Thanks all

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