10 mile race

I've just discovered that there is a 10 mile road race in my village in September called the John Fraser 10.

I've only just graduated to 10K  - but spotted this run and i'm tempted. Do you think i'll manage to build up to it in time and safely?

I saw last years results and the last in was around 2 hours 20 mins, which seems do-able.

Have any of you entered this race before?


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  • Yeah you'll do it provided you put the training in. If it's in Sept you have plenty of time. I'm doing a 10 miler in July and am already in training.   Having plenty of time means that  you don't need to knock yourself out and you can do a few weeks of 8 k pre-conditioning runs at a slower pace.  

    Good luck!  

  • Thanks - Are you using a myasics plan?

  • Yes I am

  • plenty of time. but you need to get the miles in. Going from 10 to 16 should be easier then 5 to 10. But you'll probably need water, and maybe a couple of jelly babies half way.

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