Oww Oww Oww!

White Horse Half today.  I've had a "niggle" in my left thigh for a while.  Today it exploded.  Well, that's a bit dramatic, but as the run went on, my leg got more and more sore, until somewhere between 8 and 10 miles it had spread and was making running very, very uncomfortable.  There I was, struggling to keep going, and more and more people passing me.  I really didn't want to give up and DNF, but I was limping home.  2:29:43 chip time, and last in the field.  I hurt.

On the phone to the Osteopath in the morning.

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  • Oh dear!  Sorry to hear that Steve, hope it's not too serious or long lasting but well done for finishing despite the agony.

  • Oh, poor you! What a hero to soldier on though! Do hope you mend soon ...and hey, you still did a HM! Still only a dream for me!😮

  • Hope that settles. You have my sympathy's. Have had the same with my hip - and was very sore when finished today (8miles - Lidl Kingston breakfast run, my longest yet!). By the time I got off the bus home was limping like a good 'un. Ibuprofen and along bath has helped quite a lot but will have to see how it is tomorrow. Hope you will feel better then.

  • That doesn't sound good. Hope it isn't anything too serious

  • Oh no! I hope it's nothing serious - you've been doing so well with your running and a HM is amazing even you came in last - as least you finished.

    Fingers crossed you're healed for your next HM (I know you've got a few booked in).

  • Thanks, Sarah.  I'll be phoning the osteopath this morning to get checked in for a going over and assessment.  Next event is the Milton Keynes HM in four weeks.

  • Poor you! Well done for finishing though. Hope your leg feels better soon.

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