Well 3rd 10k completed this morning in 1 hour 7mins 09 secs, all splits under 7min per km,  final km in 6 min 28... 

Liking the longer runs , yeah would like to faster but for now consistency is my middle name :) 

Next step is going to be 12k after a cut back recovery week , still having to occasionally pinch myself at running the distance and duration :) 

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  • That's brilliant Rob! A fab time and a 6.28 split! You're on a roll. And methinks consistency is perfect.

  • Thanks Irishprincess  :)  finding I settle into the run quicker  now 

  • Now you've finally cracked the 10k there's no stopping you! Brilliant, and the times are great too. 

  • Thanks JaySeeSkinny , looks like we finally have spring too , such a great time of year to run :) 

  • Great stuff Rob, its all going nicely

    Well done ! xxx

  • Thanks poppypug :) am very happy with progress :D

    How's things with you xxx

  • Im fine thanks Rob xxx 

    Im going out tomorrow. I limit my runs to 2 a week at the moment so as not to risk injury with me just coming back from my calf and the dreaded lurgy ! :-) xxx

  • Aww great stuff poppy , yes gradual build up is the best way to go, you will be firing on all cylinders again soon xxx

  • Thanks Rob xxx

  • yay Rob thats fantastic! well done ! :)

  • Thanks aliboo70 :) 

  • Well done, Rob! You are doing so well  - that really is a fab time! Good luck with the 12k too😀.

  • Thanks Sandraj39 anytime under 1 hour 10 I am very happy with :)

    Was very tempted to push on and do 12 today but sticking to my plan :) 

  • Very wise! I am yet to push past the magic 10k myself! 

  • Brilliant stopping you... :)

  • Thanks Oldfloss  :) focused on my goal of 10 miles which is just over 16km , if I follow my plan should get there in about 10 -12 weeks 😊

  • Wow, Rob, brilliant progress!

    Well done fella :-)


  • Thanks John_W 

  • That's brilliant well done Rob. Very sensible plan too xx

  • Thanks Curlygurly2  :)

  • Wow, impressive, especially that final split!  Keep it up :)

  • Thanks Anniemurph  :) it is a work in progress :) 

  • Really well done! And thanks for your comment on my post. I think I'll try to get at least one 10k until my belt before my race :-) Would be good to know that I've been able to do it twice over.

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