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Happy runniversary to me!*

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*plus two weeks, my actual runniversary is the 18th August because I didn't realise I'd gone past the day I actually took my first awkward steps till Facebook reminded me of the above post today! Very glad to have found HU or I'd still be badgering my non-running friends with my minor achievements...

So, throwback to a year ago, before Garmin and Strava, and I triumphantly did my first 5k. In a week's time I have my first organised half marathon—and as a giant surprise to everyone, not least myself, I'm really looking forward to it 😊 I'm delighted I'm still running as I'm terrible at persevering with things, life gets so terribly in the way. Buuuuut I've committed to this one! I'm still grumpy about doing any kind of walk/run interval though, nothing's changed there, I've simply not done them since 😂

There seem to be a good few runniversaries lately, and everyone has such an inspiring individual journey to this point—the only words of (debateable) wisdom I have to offer off the back of my own is to stick with it! However you run, it gets easier and more fun as you go 🏃🏽🏃🏽‍♀️😊

18 Replies
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Well done.Happy runniversary 🌟👏👏

Atb for GNR.All sounds great.💥🏃‍♀️

Happ runniversary Sqkr , see, not a terrible post at all! And what's this I hear, HM? I think I have a way to go before the half marathon stage, so I'm putting it off until next year / never, but on the other hand you're doing brilliantly. Oh - I absolutely LOVE the bit about packing in C25K because it was boring, so you just ran 5K instead. Classic stuff, right there :)

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I hated walking intervals so much 😂 I just kept thinking, I could just get this over with quicker and eat my dinner sooner if I run them. A philosophy which has stuck around and motivated me to improve my speed over all distances ever since! Always thinking about food, and how soon I can get some. 😁

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Well done Sqkr. My first HM is Oct 7th I think and that is pretty much 1 yr since I started c25k too :)

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Sqkr in reply to pinkaardvark

It's a perfect milestone I think! Not packing in too much and risking injury or burnout, just good solid progress over the year. 😊

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Happy Runniversary. Such a long way to come in a year!! Well done!

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Sqkr in reply to LoungeLizaard

Thank you! I've learnt an awful lot in that year, especially about what not to do. It all adds to the experience 😅

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Congratulations lovely Sqkr! One year of running is something to celebrate! I too am terrible with persevering with things - maybe we just found our ‘thing’?! 😁

I love reading your posts, and you continue to inspire me, so keep on running, Sqkr!

Sadie-runs x

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Sqkr in reply to Sadie-runs

If you'd asked me eighteen months ago if running was my thing, or if I'd voluntarily go out in head to toe lycra, I might have laughed you out of town! Funny how things change 😊

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What a fabulous post and great to read too... amazing how much you’ve achieved in that time.

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Sqkr in reply to ju-ju-

Thank you Ju! 🤗

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Happy runniversary - and looking forward to your HM shows just what a journey this has been fortou. Well done!🙂

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Sqkr in reply to Sandraj39

In all honesty, there's a good chance I might stop looking forward to it as the next week progresses..!

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Happy runniversary you have made amazing progress 😊

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Sqkr in reply to Slow_Rob

Thank you! 😊

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Congratulations Sqkr. I hope I can say the same in March 2019. I haven’t done winter yet 🌨❄️☃️💨☔️💦

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Sqkr in reply to Dexy5

Ah winter running is great, honestly 😃 It's so zingy and fresh!

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Fantastic, your journey kinda matches mine, been running around a year and celebrating with HM on sept 9th! Good luck, great progress let us know how you get on!

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