I still think of myself as a fraud!

I stsrted the couch 25k at the end of 2015 for several reasons, to lose bit weight, get fitter and healthier but also to give me a structure to my week as recently semi retired. I felt like many people when I graduated how did that happen to someone who hated exercise with horrid memories of muddy school cross country sessions! I now run three times a week 5k's at pace of 31ish I've lost a stone and feel better and toned, oh and dropped a dress size. I'm now doing a gradual longer run on Sunday's aiming for 10k goal, signed up for a rave for life in June. I love reading the posts and have received so much help and encouragement which is wonderful. So why then do I feel a fraud thinking at age 55 yrs I can't really be taken seriously as a runner? Perhaps because I've taken it up a bit late in life! Get over it I hear you shout.... And I love it now can't imagine my life with no running in it so I will keep on running get my head down and run for those hills!,


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18 Replies

  • You know what I can relate to a lot of what you have said. Ive done a triathlon and HM and I'm 50 this year but you will still hear me say to people I'm not a very good runner, I just love it. I think we have a rotten habit of putting ourselves down and not acknowledging how far we have come. I think thats why I love these forums so much I never feel like I am competing on here and any acheivement is a great acheivement. Rave for life sounds like a fun run and you given yourself a good amount of time you'll be fine.

  • Thank you for your reply I agree the community does help to rid oneself of the doubting gremlins! I think the putting myself down stems from past experiences so I definately need to feel proud of my achievements regardless of age.

  • You run for yourself, because you love it, not to gain recognition from someone else; why should it matter "how seriously you can really be taken as a runner"?

    And what is a "serious" runner, anyway? Serious as opposed to... what, "happy"?

    You run, hence you are a runner. Period.

  • Thank you for your reply secan, yes you are right we do run for ourselves, but it is not always quite as simple as that in that the doubting gremlins often stem from our past and so it may take a time to recognise ones achievements, acknowledgement from others is part of that, i know it is for me, but not all of it as you say what is a serious runner. I shall take each day as it comes relax and enjoy it.

  • Well, then take it from me; you are a wonderful (and serious :D ) runner! :)

  • I'll take that! thank you

  • Fantastc achievements there Bunnygirl! I don't think you're a fraud anything. You run therefore you are a runner. Keep running for those hills!

  • Thank you for your kind words and yes I guess its as simple as that! Wasn't there a Kate Bush song about running up thiose hills?!

  • I loved Kate Bush!

  • You think you are a running fraud because you didn't start until you were 55 and therefore can't be taken seriously???

    How do you think that makes me feel - as I didn't start until I was 67!! :) My running log shows that I have run 1900 klms since I started - and I have heard that there is an 82 year old competitor amongst the 6000 competitors in a running festival that I am participating in on Sunday night, so I am not sure where he fits in - silly old Geezer!! :)

  • ...and I got pushed into this at 70!!! and just graduated--at 70!!! But I feel joyful and proud at having finished Week 9 just yesterday. I actually emailed my children, one of whom pushed me into this, to let them know I graduated. I feel funny when fast walkers pass me on the track, which brings me to the "am I a fraud?" question, but then I take my age into consideration and think I'm doing great and you all should, too!

  • Brilliant post...I can really empathise with your comments.

    I actually liked sport and running at school... just being outside I think, but like you, never imagined in my wildest dreams I would at 65 be running three times a week, at about 5K and really, really missing the days I don't run!

    I agree with Realfoodie too, we do sell ourselves short...I wonder why? We have achieved so much, some a lot more than others, but that, as she says, doesn't matter,it it's not a competition,we have all made huge progress.:)

    You are a runner, and a super one... I can only dream of 10K :) Your Rave for Life sounds wonderful!!!

    So... celebrate your achievements, be proud of yourself... you have done it for you... simple as that :)

  • BG you're not a fraud. You made the effort to get off the couch and go out the front door. I still find the first 10 minutes is the hardest until I get my rhythm myself. But where I go running which is along riverbanks and fields it soon kills those gremlins.

    This is 56 year old born again runner who has started his own C25k group to help other people kill there gremlins for staying on the couch.

  • I like that: "born again runner...."

  • If you're a fraud, then so am I. Just how far and how often do you think you have to run before you will consider yourself a "real runner"? Cut yourself some slack -I understand, though, because I, too, am my own worse enemy. So bugger the gremlins- if you run, then you are a runner!

    If you want to get rid of that feeling, then wait for someone (we all know someone) to draw on their fag, balance their pint glass on their pot belly and finish their mouthful of Pringles before enquiring whether all that running isn't bad for your knees. Then the runner comes galloping back out of the corner of your mind, ready to wallop them with a size 12 Brooks. BELIEVE IN YOURSELF.

  • I know what you mean, even when I was on W9R2 I never believed I would actually have my grad badge here, not that I really deserved it once I'd got it. And for ages I expected Laura to jump out from behind a tree saying ha ha, not YOU Curly! I didn't mean You!

    You ARE a runner though, try telling anyone who will listen that's what you are. Never ever say the "J" word....

  • I think this feeling is a version of 'imposter syndrome' and I have suffered from it all my life in many areas.But, hey, recognise it for what it is and laugh at it. You're not an imposter, you're you. Be proud of who you are!

  • It is like having a learner plate on your car after getting your driving license. I feel like I'm still a beginner but I probably am! 

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