Me ! No way

Well, last February I started C25K and I remember thinking wk 5 run 3, run for 20 minutes, no way !. I did and now just over 12 months later, I have taken complete leave of my senses. I have only gone and entered a Triathlon 400 meters in the pool, 20k bike ride followed by 5k and to think think 2 years ago, I was 17st drank 20 pints of Guinness a week a bottle of rum and celebrated national kebab day every week. I'm a changed man !

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  • Wow! That's some transformation! Congratulations on turning things round. I bet you're so much happier and healthier than before. It's good this running lark isn't it! Oh and the swimming and cycling too of course ☺

  • Brilliant! Congratulations!,, 😀

  • Brilliant. You're brave doing a triathlon

  • That's brilliant ! What a change.

  • Well done, Ian - isn't it a great feeling? I felt the same way - and now I'm coming up to a period where I'll be doing three half marathons in six weeks!

  • Think we've gone mad Steve. Why didn't we do this in our teens and early twenties and keep doing i t?

  • fantastic, thats sooo exciting. Keep us posted... I love the kebab day idea :)

  • Amazing - well done you! Just shows how much we can achieve when we have the motivation to stick at something. Onwards, forwards and happy training!

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