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Keep it clean!


I decided to avoid parkrun because I wanted to stay clean. Decided instead to head for a safe gravel path through the woods, that was sure to be ok. Struggled to find the beginning of the trail, so decided to cut through a field - soon discovered waterlogged mud and before I even got going, my feet were muddy and wet and mud splattered up the back of my legs. Never mind, I enjoyed my run, made it 10k, even though I wanted to stop at 3k. Reasonable time to 1h14, which for me is satisfactory given the conditions and multiple stops to make sure approaching dogs were friendly. Have u managed to keep it clean!? I failed today 😕 Julie

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I volunteered at Parkrun and got muddy doing that!

Well done for doing 10km in the mud. :-)

JoolieB1Graduate10 in reply to Rainbowsmurf

Well done. We were warned the parkrun was very muddy this week so I didn't go but still ended up muddy! Most of it is on a light gravel path so it was just a couple of bits of mud, serves me right though for avoiding my local parkrun, it is always so challenging that sometimes doing my own thing is the easy option LOL


Hi I was considering a different Parkrun today, as I knew my local would be really muddy. I also know a friend was going for the first time so I went along for support. I have honestly never run in those conditions before. I had to almost stop at some points to find some fairly firm ground !!! When we had finished, my friend said, is it always that muddy it feels like a cross country run lol !!!! A year ago I would not have even considered going out in the rain, let alone to run around a muddy park but now, I have the bug, I can't stop !!! Happy running !!!


Nope! It was a non running day for me but I went for walk & had to literally hose myself down before getting in the house. I was ridiculously muddy!

Currently my running shoes & walking boots are drying out after muddy adventures. Hope my runners are dry by this morning so I can get them on & get out!

Mud is all part of the fun isn't it?? Lol 😆😆


I hate mud! I really hate it! Chicken that I am, I've decided I'm going to stick to the lovely clean paths and pavements until it's gone!

Noaky12Graduate10 in reply to Curlygurly2

Awwww curlygurly - how can you hate mud? :-) Maybe it's because I was a mucky pup as a child and haven't really grown out of it.

My mother tells me that I used to sit in puddles in my nappy when I was crawling - which might explain a lot....... :-) :-)

Curlygurly2Graduate10 in reply to Noaky12

Nasty slippery stuff! And all over my pretty mint green shoes....


Ha Ha Julie,

It's difficult to find an absolutely clean route this time of year, but still enjoyable isn't it, look at the state my trail shoes got in on a Parkrun recently...

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